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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Clinton Snub Exposed: The Snub that Wasn't

Hillary Clinton has made a big deal about a snapshot that was taken showing Barack Obama supposedly snubbing her at the State of the Union address. The organization NOW, in its usual heavy-handed fashion attacked their lifelong supporter, Ted Kennedy, for abandoning their candidate. Hillary then went on TV saying that she extended her hand to Obama who turned away.

The truth was that at the same time Hillary looking directly at Kennedy and extending her hand to him, Senator Clair McCaskill asked Obama a question and he turned to answer her. This is his explanation and is borne out by the facts. Check out this image of the event:

Another attempt at division by the Clinton Machine has been debunked. Nice try, Bill & HIllary!

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