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Friday, January 9, 2009

Pharmaceutical Companies - Merchants of Death

The Weapons of Big Pharma

The sales and marketing of psychiatric drugs has exploded in the US in the last ten years. There are over 100,000,000 users of psychiatric drugs worldwide. Why? It all started in 1967 when they met to develop their plans for putting the world on psychotropic medication. Here's how these powerful and dangerous drugs are "tested." They are NOT TESTED. Most clinical trials are bogus. They are manipulated and dangerous drugs are distributed to the general public based upon biased "testing". It is all about money.

This is an excerpt of a film called "Making a Killing." It's not flattering to the pharmaceutical companies or to general trends in the psychiatric profession. If your doctor tells you that you or a family member "must" take one or "needs" it, you'd better do your own tough-minded research. It's a 10-minute video and one you should definitely watch:

Here is just one example of doctor misconduct:

We recently had a "physician" aggressively push a dangerous drug on a 91 year old family member. The warning in the pharmaceutical company's own fine print clearly stated that this drug created a danger of heart failure in patients with the very same symptoms our family member had.

The doctor responded: "
It's just a baby-sized dose. It shouldn't do any harm."

We've fired the doctor. I hope you treat all doctors' enthusiasm for new, under-tested drugs with maximum skepticism. Don't assume they know what they're doing. Odds are they don't.
This Evil is Running Rampant

Here are three videos that demonstrate the insidiousness of the pharmaceutical industry and its relationship with psychiatric doctors who made plans to distribute psychiatric drugs that control every aspect of human behavior. Natural behavior is given a label and there is always a medication for it. Remember, 100 million people worldwide are taking psychiatric drugs, convinced that they have a problem without medical testing of any kind. There are no blood tests or any tests that are definitive of mental illness. It is all subjective. Here is a set of three videos that you must watch. What you don't know can kill you.

Please. If your doctor labels a condition you have without any kind of testing or objective proof, RUN, don't walk. They try to cure a "chemical imbalance" that they can't even prove exists. Psychotropic drugs are dangerous and often result in suicide or other behavior that is anything but normal.

DON'T DO DRUGS -- especially psychiatric ones.

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  1. Go to and click on "Making a Killing" to see the entire eight-part series.


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