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Friday, January 2, 2009

Right-Wing Attacks on Obama Omit the Truth

Corsi, Devvy Exposed Ignoring the Truth to Smear Obama

Since the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency, the extremists on the far right of the political spectrum have been crawling out of the woodwork like termites. Berg, Donofrio, Martin, Devvy, all claiming to have special information that proves that Obama was either born in Hawaii, but ineligible for the Presidency because he is not a "natural born citizen", or ineligible for the Presidency because he was born in Kenya. The United States Supreme Court has already rejected numerous claims by the extremists and will complete its job in the coming few weeks. In the meantime, the madness continues. I just stumbled across another article inferring that Obama did something sinister and illegal with his house financing. Just last week I exposed Jerome Corsi's deception: CORSI ATTACK ON OBAMA IS BOGUS. Now Devvy Kidd has picked up the same theme and carried it on despite the facts. It's time to expose all of these phonies.

The website,, and its founder Jeff Rense, has posted the most critical, untrue and disgusting attacks on Obama for many months. He will post ANYTHING critical of Obama, and spend NO TIME investigating the veracity of any of the posts he publishes. Here is an example of posting information without any regard for the truth. It was written by Devvy Kidd, one of the most extreme right-wing writers and the wife of a retired US Army colonel and appears on She has little regard for truth. She writes:

"From Pat Briley, columnist for, December 25, 2008:

Criminal Liability? See Obama's 2007 Tax Return For Chicago Mansion Taxes, Interest Deductions. A Check of Obama's 2007 income tax return at:

shows Obama deducted $22,161 for property taxes. Can we assume the taxes were on this property? Did Obama pay them? Or did Rezko's attorney William Miceli? Did Micelei also take a tax deduction? Obama also deducted $57,838 in mortgage interest. If Obama and Miceli both took tax deductions for property taxes and/or mortgage interest payments one or more of the men could be criminally liable.

"An attorney for convicted fundraiser Tony Rezko [William Miceli] is listed as the owner and taxpayer for Barack Obama's Chicago mansion, according to records obtained by WND." fa=PAGE.view&pageId=84101"

Ms. Kidd is referring to an article in the World Nut Daily in which they claimed there was some kind of hanky-panky involved in Obama's Chicago home because the attorney for the lawfirm that handled the real estate transaction has the title in his name, not Obama's. The right wing has gone nuts claiming there is something underhanded going on. They simply don't understand the workings of a land trust and have turned their own ignorance and lack of knowledge into what they would like to be a Federal case.

If any of these people were interested in the truth, they could have simply researched land trusts and how they work or, at the very least, contacted an attorney familiar with the workings of a land trust, or they could have contacted Chicago Title Company, which has pioneered the Land Trust in Illinois, or they could have called me. THEY DIDN'T.


As a Certified Land Trust Specialist, I am very knowledgeable when it comes to this method of holding title. The land trust concept, developed by Chicago Title Company in the 1920's, is now fully accepted in the US as the preferred arrangement by which one person can hold property for the benefit and use of another. It is a method that provides anonymity for the homeowner as well as asset protection, in that the property is shielded from liens and encumbrances.

A Land Trust has been in use throughout the United States for more than 100 years. It has the effect of converting ownership of real property to ownership of personal property, even though such ownership is characterized for income tax purpose as ownership in real estate. The primary purpose of the trust is to provide its beneficiaries a practical, economical (and anonymous) alternative form of real estate ownership and use.

Because both legal and equitable title is held in the name of the Trustee, all notices related to the property including property tax notices are sent to the Trustee. This is normal in all land trust transactions and IS NOT THE BLOCKBUSTER BREAKING NEWS that Corsi, Devvy, etc. would like us all to believe. Responsibility for payment of the mortgage as well as property taxes, etc., rests with the Beneficiary (the Obamas). This is standard procedure in any land trust transaction and is approved by the Internal Revenue Service.

In fact, Disneyland was purchased using a land trust, which is used by the wealthy and many public figures for privacy purposes.
It is also used for asset protection and to avoid probate. I use a land trust for my own home. My property tax bill is sent to my Trustee as the title holder. Responsibility for payment of taxes and the mortgage is mine and the writeoffs are also mine. It's not brain surgery -- something from which these right-wing "writers" could certainly benefit.

Had Ms. Devvy or Mr. Corsi, or Mr. Rense cared about the truth, or been credible journalists, this smear would never have been published. They are obsessed with smearing and destroying Barack Obama at all costs -- the truth be damned. It has been a pleasure to expose their deceit.

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