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Thursday, February 19, 2009

9/11 Questions - The Pentagon

Give Us a Break!

The attack on the Pentagon is the biggest fantasy of all. This picture really tells us all we need to know.  Like most Americans, I was stunned and deeply affected by the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. It brought back memories of being a young child and experiencing the air raids and blackouts during WW2, and not recognizing my uncle after he returned from spending 30 months as a POW at Stalag 17.

In the days that followed 9/11, I was thrilled to see Americans coming together, as was the rest of the world and I fully supported President Bush. Then, he blew the opportunity of a lifetime to develop lasting positive relationships with the countries of the world by invading Iraq without provocation, and by creating a web of deceit about weapons of mass destruction. He now has us isolated from most of the world and hated in many countries, not just Muslim countries.

Shortly after the attacks, television stations stopped showing the planes hitting the buildings “for the benefit of our children”. In the ensuing months more evidence began to surface that brought the events of 9/11 more clearly into focus. The most obvious evidence was the attack on the Pentagon. How can a 757 fit into a 16-ft. hole?

After seeing the photographs and hearing the evidence regarding the attack on the Pentagon, it was clear to me that we were not being told the truth about this. I decided to investigate further, fully cognizant of the disdain many people feel toward conspiracy theorists, especially during this time in our history. Isn’t that our duty as citizens, however? To investigate the truth. We have been told that our freedoms and democratic systems are the greatest in the world. Why, then, are citizens demonized when they question the word of our government? If there is anything we have learned, it is that the government lies to the American people on a regular basis.

As to conspiracies, does anyone really believe that JFK was killed by a lone assassin? Ridiculous. Oswald didn’t have the juice to get the military and police force to “stand down” so that the assassination could take place.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, it should not make any difference. The truth is all we are seeking. If 9/11 was a crime committed by 19 Islamic hijackers headed by a 6’5” cave dweller who somehow outwitted the greatest military force on the earth, fine. However, what if the evidence points elsewhere? What if we find that this attack was planned years before by a small group of Nazi sympathizers who weaseled their way into positions of power in our government? Should we just close our eyes and not believe it? If we have learned anything from the events of the past 50 years, it is that anyone is capable of anything. What do the Experts say?

High-Ranking Army Officer:  "Missile Hit Pentagon"

A radiation expert and high-ranking Army Major, who once headed the military's depleted uranium project, both contend the Pentagon was hit by missile, not a commercial jetliner, adding high radiation readings after the strike indicate depleted uranium also may have been used.

I'm not an explosives or crash site expert, but I am highly knowledgeable in causes and effects related to nuclear radiation contamination. What happened at the Pentagon is highly suspicious, leading me to believe a missile with a depleted uranium warhead may have been used," said radiation expert Leuren Moret in a telephone conversation this week from her Berkeley, CA home.

Moret, who has spent a life time working in the nuclear field, first as a staff scientist at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Laboratory in California, is now a member of The Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP), a privately funded group studying the devastating effects of depleted uranium especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. Regarding the missile theory, it is also backed up by retired Army Maj. Doug Rokke, a PhD educational physics and former top military expert banished from the Pentagon after the military failed to follow regulations regarding the use, clean up and medical treatment regarding the use of depleted uranium.


When you look at the whole thing, especially the crash site void of airplane parts, the size of the hole left in the building and the fact the projectile's impact penetrated numerous concrete walls, it looks like the work of a missile," said Maj. Rokke from his Rantoul, IL home this week. "And when you look at the damage, it was obviously a missile. Also, if you look at the WTC and the disturbing flash hitting the tower right before the impact of the airplane, it also looks like a missile was used."

And to prove the government's jetliner theory is wrong, Moret said the quick actions of a friend near the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11, provide even more suspicion.

Moret recalls on the tragic morning that once she saw the jetliner strike the twin towers and then heard about the Pentagon crash, she immediately called a close friend in Alexandria VA, Dr. Janette Sherman. Thinking radiation might be involved, she quickly asked Dr. Sherman, 77, a radiation expert and medical doctor who lived about 12 miles from the crash site, to get a Geiger counter reading.

What the pair of experts found is astonishing. What they found is not only astonishing but seven years after 9/11, what's even more incredible is that their findings have been completely ignored by most everyone, including the Bush administration, the 9/11 Commission and the mainstream media, all who appear more interested in rubber stamping the official 9/11 story then getting at the real truth.

Dr. Sherman was downwind from the Pentagon on 9/11 and her Geiger counter readings show an extremely high reading, a reading of more than eight to ten times higher than normal," said Moret, also an expert in the cause and effects of depleted uranium.

Dr. Sherman, who is well-respected radiation expert herself, then went about contacting the proper authorities in order to try and alert emergency responders of the radiation risk at the Pentagon crash site. And we have also kept photos of the Geiger counter readings in order to verify what Dr. Sherman found 12 miles away."

After notifying the Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency (NIRS), experts from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the FBI were alerted and according to Moret,
radiation experts later confirmed high radiation levels at the Pentagon crash site possibly from the presence from depleted uranium or other unknown causes.

But what disturbed Moret most has been the Bush administration's lack of concern and its failure to mount a thorough investigation into what really caused the high radiation levels, saying perhaps the findings might reveal something contrary to the official story that a jetliner rammed through 12 Pentagon walls of solid concrete. "
Even if there was depleted uranium used, do you think the likes of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld would really care? These are bottom feeders that 20 or 30 years ago wouldn't have been even allowed to set foot in such high positions of power," said Moret.


You can click this link for a complete analysis of Flight 77 and the Pentagon.


There is no need to go any further.  This was the shakiest lie of all the lies that were compiled to tell a story that nobody in their right mind will believe -- that 19 hijackers and a 6'5" cave dweller suffering from kidney disease brought the United States of America to its knees.

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  1. An Israeli subtenant left NY the day before the Towers were struck, he left without warning. I think he was either involved or very well informed, as the apartment was a few blocks north of the Trade Center.

  2. I worked at the Pentagon on 9/11. My office was located right where the jet liner hit the building. I was very lucky that morning. I had to deliver documents to Henderson Hall and was on my way back to my office. I saw the plane strike the Pentagon. I saw it dive out of the sky and crash into the building where my friends and officemates worked. I saw no missle. I saw a passenger jet liner hit the building.

  3. I have always believed that 911 was an inside job. There is so much evidence of that. The great thing about the internet is that one can find the truth about so many things. I have a long study that proves that the towers could not have fallen that way unless bombs had been placed in the buidings.
    Also, the way Bush just sat there when he was approached by a secret service man who supposedly informed him about the attack was very telling. It reminded me of the election night in 2000 when Florida was called for Gore. Bush immediately ran to the phone and called Jeb. He talked in a very animated way and one could see that they had it all fixed for Florida to go to Bush and lo and behold, it did. This act committed this country to the Hell that we've been through for 8 years and more to come.

  4. Just continue to yell at the rain because no one is listening. Just because YOU say it is not possible does not make IT so. Keep yelling, no one is listening.

  5. The photographs of the damage site taken on Sept. 11, 2001 show no evidence that a large airliner hit the building. End of story.

  6. You could drop an airliner in a lake of burning jet fuel and it wouldn't disappear they way FOUR of them allegedly did on 9/11/01. Only a God can suspend the laws of physics, so if the official story is true, we're in BIG trouble, because He sided with the boxcutter boys.

  7. All one needs to do is interview anyone actually involved in the clean-up/recovery at the Pentagon to determine the truth of what happened.

    The "truth" movement never does that. They only observe from afar.


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