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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

9/11 Pentagon Attack was Not What You Were Told

The Candid Blogger, fed up with the political situation in America and how the people of this great nation have been used and abused by government corruption and deception, prints this information from 
NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT, an urgent call to action by CITIZEN INVESTIGATION TEAM,  in the public interest.

To whom it concerns, i.e., everyone:

In 2006 Citizen Investigation Team launched an independent investigation into the act of terrorism which took place at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  This exhaustive three-year inquest involved multiple trips to the scene of the crime in Arlington, Virginia, close scrutiny of all official and unofficial data related to the event, and, most importantly, first-person interviews with dozens of eyewitnesses, many of which were conducted and filmed in the exact locations from which they witnessed the plane that allegedly struck the building that day.

Be forewarned: Our findings are extraordinarily shocking and frightening.  They are also deadly serious, and deserving of your immediate attention.  This is not about a conspiracy theory or any theory at all.  This is aboutindependent, verifiable evidence which unfortunately happens to conclusively establish as a historical fact that the violence which took place in Arlington that day was not the result of a surprise attack by suicide hijackers, but rather a false flag "black operation" involving a carefully planned and skillfully executed deception.

If you are skeptical of (or even incensed by) this statement we do not blame you.  We are not asking you to take our word for it, nor do we want you to do that.  We want you to view the evidence and see with your own eyes that this is the case.  We want you to hear it directly from the eyewitnesses who were there, just as we did.

Please understand that this information is not being brought to your attention simply for educational purposes.  It is presented within the context of a “call to action” accompanied by a detailed step-by-step strategy intended to inspire and empower you to do something about it.  But first, please familiarize yourself with the evidence by viewing and paying close attention to the 81-minute video presentation, National Security Alert.

Thank you for your concern and thank you for your action.

Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis

Citizen Investigation Team

"Aldo Marquis and Craig Ranke are often quick to point out that they
are ordinary citizens who are not investigative journalists by trade.
Be that as it may, what these citizen investigators have done is true
investigative journalism, and what they have accomplished is anything
but ordinary. Their video National Security Alert does not present

It presents carefully documented eyewitness evidence which establishes
beyond a reasonable doubt that American Flt. 77 did not fly into the
Pentagon on 9/11.  Citizen Investigation Team’s landmark research joins
the scholarly work of Harrit, Jones, et al. in destroying the widely-held
myth that 9/11 was masterminded by foreign terrorists. Government and
media figures who dare ignore evidence this conclusive do so at their own
peril, and the peril of us all. 9/11 is a stain upon our honor as a nation and
it is imperative that justice is done."

Lt. Colonel Shelton F. Lankford
Pilot, United States Marine Corp. (Ret.)
10,000+ Hours Total Flight Time, 303 Combat Missions

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Raining OIL in Louisiana

Disgust reigns supreme. America has continued its slide into mediocrity and ruin with the new discovery of rain in Louisiana -- it's raining Oil. Just wait for hurricane season. Congratulations BP! Congratulations Dick Cheney and your Halliburton cronies who always seem to be there when devastation occurs.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here We Go Again -- Birthers Gone Wild

It’s raining fake birth certificates!

Just when you thought it was safe to get out of bed, yet another fake birth certificate pops up. I don’t know how old this puppy is, but I just found it.
This is what I would call a “birther fantasy” certificate. It encapsulates the mythology of Barack Obama born in Africa, and registered by the statement of his grandmother. This is the kind of certificate that was claimed to be possible in some of the birther lawsuits, such as Keyes v Bowen and birther attorneys like Paul Jensen.
There are a number of obvious problems with the certificate, the most notable of which is the citation of HRS 338 17.8 at the bottom, a law that wasn’t passed until 21 years later. Also the certificate number is missing. The Roman numeral II is next to the first name and not next to the last name where it should be. The Roman numeral II is out of line with the rest of the text. The registration dates of real certificates are rubber stamped, not typed. Obviously the check boxes for Parent and MD have been “whited out” from the original certificate. The race of the father is wrong. Various lines on the form are missing where they have been erased, for example under the Race of Mother. The letters “pm” are the same size, but on real forms the “m” is pre-printed and much smaller.  There is an attendant signature, which there wouldn’t be with an out of state birth. But the main thing is that Hawaii didn’t register out of state births in 1961.

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Tell Me Again Just Why We Are in Afghanistan

America's dead in Afghanistan since 2001 Master Sgt. Evander E. Andrews, 36, Solon, Maine; Pfc. Kristofor T. Stonesifer, 28, Missoula, Mont.; Spc. Jonn Joseph Edmunds, 20, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Machinist's Mate Fireman Apprentice Bryant L. Davis, 20, Chicago, Ill.; Electronics Technician 3rd Class Benjamin Johnson, 21, Rochester, N.Y.; Engineman 1st Class Vincent Parker, 38, Preston, Miss.; CIA Johnny Michael Spann, 32, Winfield, Ala.; Pvt. Giovanny Maria, 19, New York, N.Y.; Electrician's Mate Fireman Apprentice Michael J. Jakes Jr., 20, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Sgt. 1st Class Daniel H. Petithory, 32, Cheshire, Mass.; Master Sgt. Jefferson D. Davis, 39, Clarksville, Tenn.; Staff Sgt. Brian C. Prosser, 28, Frazier Park, Calif.; 2002: Sgt. 1st Class Nathan R. Chapman, 31, San Antonio, Texas; Capt. Matthew W. Bancroft, 29, Shasta, Calif.; Lance Cpl. Bryan P. Bertrand, 23, Coos Bay, Ore.; Gunnery Sgt. Stephen L. Bryson, 35, Montgomery, Ala.; Capt. Daniel G. McCollum, 29, Richland, S.C.; Staff Sgt. Scott N. Germosen, 37, Queens, N.Y.; Sgt. Jeannette Lee Winters, 25, Du Page, Ill.; Sgt. Nathan P. Hays, 21, Lincoln, Wash.; Staff Sgt. Walter F. Cohee III, 26, Wicomico, Md.; Staff Sgt. Dwight J. Morgan, 24, Mendocino, Calif.; Spc. Jason A. Disney, 21, Fallon, Nev.; Staff Sgt. Juan M. Ridout, 36, Maple Tree, Wash.; Staff Sgt. Bruce A. Rushforth Jr., 35, Bridgewater, Mass.; Maj. Curtis D. Feistner, 25, WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn.; Capt. Bartt D. Owens, 29, MIDDLETOWN, Ohio; Chief Warrant Officer Jody L. Egnor, 34, MIDDLETOWN, Ohio; Staff Sgt. James P. Dorrity, 32, Goldsboro, N.C.; Staff Sgt. Kerry W. Frith, 37, Las Vegas, Nev.; Spc. Thomas F. Allison, 22, Roy, Wash.; Master Sgt. William L. McDaniel II, 36, Greenville, Ohio; Spc. Curtis A. Carter, 25, Lafayette, La.; Chief Warrant Officer Two Stanley L. Harriman, 34, Wade, N.C.; Pfc. Matthew A. Commons, 21, Boulder City, Nev.; Aviation Boatswain's Mate-Handling 1st Class Neil C. Roberts, 32, Woodland, Calif.; Sgt. Philip J. Svitak, 31, Joplin, Mo.; Senior Airman Jason D. Cunningham, 26, Camarillo, Calif.; Tech. Sgt. John A. Chapman, 36, Waco, Texas; Sgt. Peter P. Crose, 22, Orange Park, Fla.; Spc. Marc A. Anderson, 30, Brandon, Fla.; Chief Petty Officer Matthew J. Bourgeois, 35, Tallahassee, Fla.; Staff Sgt. Brian T. Craig, 27, Houston, Texas; Sgt. 1st Class Daniel A. Romero, 30, Lafayette, Colo.; Sgt. Jamie O. Maugans, 27, Wichita, Kan.; Staff Sgt. Justin J. Galewski, 28, Olathe, Kan.; Seaman Katrina Renee Grady, 29, Greenville, Miss.; Sgt. Gene A. Vance Jr., 38, Morgantown, West Va.; Staff Sgt. Anissa Ann Shero, 31, Grafton, West Va.; Tech. Sgt. Sean M. Corlew, 37, Thousand Oaks, Calif.; Sgt. 1st Class Peter P. Tycz II, 32, Tonawanda, N.Y.; Sgt. 1st Class Christopher J. Speer, 28, Albuquerque, N.M.; Sgt. Ryan D. Foraker, 31, Logan, Ohio; Sgt. Jeremy D. Foshee, 25, Jackson, Ala.; Sgt. 1st Class Mark Wayne Jackson, 40, Glennie, Mich.; Lance Cpl. Antonio J. Sledd, 20, Tampa, Fla.; Pvt. James H. Ebbers, 19, Bridgeview, Ill.; Ensign Jerry O. Pope II, 35, Tallahassee, Fla.; Lt. Cmdr. Thomas L. Robinson, 38, Kingston, Mass.; Spc. Pedro Pena, 35, , Fla.; Sgt. Steven Checo, 22, New York, N.Y.; 2003: Chief Warrant Officer 2 Thomas J. Gibbons, 31, Calvert County, Md.; Staff Sgt. Daniel Leon Kisling Jr., 31, Neosho, Mo.; Sgt. Gregory Michael Frampton, 37, Fresno, Calif.; Chief Warrant Officer 3 Mark O'Steen, 43, Ozark, Ala.; Sgt. Michael C. Barry, 29, Overland Park, Kan.; CIA Operations Officer Helge Boes, 32, Va.; Spc. Brian Michael Clemens, 19, Kokomo, Ind.; Spc. Rodrigo Gonzalez-Garza, 26, San Antonio, Texas; Sgt. William John Tracy Jr., 27, Webster, N.H.; Chief Warrant Officer Timothy Wayne Moehling, 35, Panama City, Fla.; Chief Warrant Officer John D. Smith, 32, West Valley City, Utah; Pfc. Spence A. McNeil, 19, Bennettsville, S.C.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Darrell Jones, 22, Wellston, Ohio; Pfc. James R. Dillon Jr., 19, Grove City, Penn.; Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Jason Profitt, 23, Charlestown, Ind.; Lt. Col. John Stein, 39, Bardolph, Ill.; Master Sgt. Michael Maltz, 42, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Staff Sgt. Jason Carlyle Hicks, 25, Jefferson, S.C.; Senior Airman Jason Thomas Plite, 21, Lansing, Mich.; Staff Sgt. John "Mike" Teal, 29, Dallas, Texas; 1st Lt. Tamara Long Archuleta, 23, Belen, N.M.; Sgt. Orlando Morales, 33, Manati, Puerto Rico; Staff Sgt. Jacob L. Frazier, 24, St. Charles, Ill.; Pvt. Jerod R. Dennis, 19, Antlers, Okla.; Airman 1st Class Raymond Losano, 24, Del Rio, Texas; Sgt. 1st Class John E. Taylor, 31, Wichita Falls, Texas; Capt. Seth R. Michaud, 27, Hudson, Mass.; 1st Class Petty Officer Thomas E. Retzer, 30, San Diego, Calif.; Spc. Kelvin Feliciano Gutierrez, 21, Anasco, Puerto Rico; Sgt. Christopher P. Geiger, 38, Allentown, Penn.; Lance Cpl. Jeffery L. Clark, 24, Bay City, Fla.; Petty Officer 1st Class David M. Tapper, 32, Camden County, N.J.; Sgt. 1st Class Mitchell A. Lane, 34, Lompoc, Calif.; Spc. Chad C. Fuller, 24, Potsdam, N.Y.; Pfc. Adam L. Thomas, 21, Palos Hills, Ill.; Pfc. Kristian E. Parker, 23, Slidell, La.; Pfc. Evan W. O'Neill, 19, Haverhill, Mass.; Lt. Col. Paul W. Kimbrough, 44, Little Rock, Ark.; Civilian contractor William Carlson, 43, Southern Pines, N.C.; Civilian contractor Christopher Glenn Mueller, 32, San Diego, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Paul A. Sweeney, 32, Lakeville, Penn.; Sgt. Jay A. Blessing, 23, Tacoma, Wash.; Staff Sgt. Thomas A. Walkup Jr., 25, Millville, N.J.; Maj. Steven Plumhoff, 33, Neshanic Station, N.J.; Tech. Sgt. Howard A. Walters, 33, Port Huron, Mich.; Sgt. Maj. Phillip R. Albert, 41, Terryville, Conn.; Tech. Sgt. William J. Kerwood, 37, Houston, Mo.; Sgt. Theodore L. Perreault, 33, Webster, Mass.; 2004: Sgt. Roy A. Wood, 47, Alva, Fla.; Spc. Robert J. Cook, 24, Sun Prairie, Wis.; Spc. Adam G. Kinser, 21, Sacramento, Calif.; Sgt. 1st Class Curtis Mancini, 43, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Staff Sgt. James D. Mowris, 37, Aurora, Mo.; Spc. Justin A. Scott, 22, Bellevue, Ky.; Sgt. Danton K. Seitsinger, 29, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Sgt. Benjamin L. Gilman, 28, Meriden, Conn.; Staff Sgt. Shawn M. Clemens, 28, Allegany, N.Y.; Sgt. Nicholes Darwin Golding, 24, Addison, Maine; Spc. David E. Hall, 21, Uniontown, Kan.; Sgt. Michael J. Esposito Jr., 22, Brentwood, N.Y.; Staff Sgt. Anthony S. Lagman, 26, Yonkers, N.Y.; Command Sgt. Dennis Jallah Jr., 49, Fayetteville, N.C.; Cmdr. Adrian Basil Szwec, 43, Chicago, Ill.; Master Sgt. Herbert R Claunch, 58, Wetumpka, Ala.; Spc. Patrick D. Tillman, 27, Chandler, Ariz.; Spc. Phillip L. Witkowski, 24, Fredonia, N.Y.; Pfc. Brandon James Wadman, 19, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Cpl. Ronald R. Payne Jr., 23, Lakeland, Fla.; Chief Warrant Officer Bruce E. Price, 37, Md.; Capt. Daniel W. Eggers, 28, Cape Coral, Fla.; Staff Sgt. Robert J. Mogensen, 26, Leesville, La.; Pfc. Joseph A. Jeffries, 21, Beaverton, Ore.; Petty Officer 1st Class Brian J. Ouellette, 37, Needham, Mass.; Cpl. David M. Fraise, 24, New Orleans, La.; Lance Cpl. Russell P. White, 19, Dagsboro, Del.; Pfc. Daniel B. McClenney, 19, Shelbyville, Tenn.; Lance Cpl. Juston Tyler Thacker, 21, Bluefield, West Va.; Staff Sgt. Robert K. McGee, 38, Martinsville, Va.; Spc. Julie R. Hickey, 20, Galloway, Ohio; Spc. Juan Manuel Torres, 25, Houston, Texas; Staff Sgt. Craig W. Cherry, 39, Winchester, Va.; Sgt. Bobby E. Beasley, 36, Inwood, West Va.; Sgt. Daniel Lee Galvan, 30, Moore, Okla.; Staff Sgt. Robert S. Goodwin, 35, Albany, Ga.; Staff Sgt. Tony B. Olaes, 30, Walhalla, S.C.; Spc. Wesley R. Wells, 21, Libertyville, Ill.; Staff Sgt. Alan L. Rogers, 49, Kearns, Utah; Spc. Kyle Ka Eo Fernandez, 26, Waipahu, Hawaii; Staff Sgt. Brian S. Hobbs, 28, Mesa, Ariz.; Cpl. William M. Amundson Jr., 21, The Woodlands, Texas; Airman 1st Class Jesse M. Samek, 21, Rogers, Ark.; Cpl. Billy Gomez, 25, Perris, Calif.; Spc. James C. Kearney III, 22, Emerson, Iowa; Sgt. Michael C. O'Neill, 22, Mansfield, Ohio; Cpl. Dale E. Fracker Jr., 23, Apple Valley, Calif.; Cpl. Jacob R. Fleischer, 25, St. Louis, Mo.; Chief Warrant Officer Travis W. Grogan, 31, Virginia Beach, Va.; Lt. Col. Michael J. McMahon, 41, Conn.; Spc. Harley D. R. Miller, 21, Spokane, Wash.; Spc. Isaac E. Diaz, 26, Rio Hondo, Texas; 2005: Sgt. 1st Class Pedro A. Munoz, 47, Aquada, Puerto Rico; Sgt. Jeremy R. Wright, 31, Shelbyville, Ind.; Spc. Richard M. Crane, 25, Independence, Mo.; Petty Officer 1st Class Alec Mazur, 35, Vernon, N.Y.; Staff Sgt. Shane M. Koele, 25, Wayne, Neb.; Pfc. Norman K. Snyder, 21, Carlisle, Ind.; Spc. Brett M. Hershey, 23, State College, Penn.; Master Sgt. Michael T. Hiester, 33, Bluffton, Ind.; Capt. Michael T. Fiscus, 36, Milford, Ind.; Sgt. Stephen C. High, 45, Spartanburg, S.C.; Spc. Sascha Struble, 20, Philadelphia, N.Y.; Spc. Daniel J. Freeman, 20, Cincinnati, Ohio; Staff Sgt. Romanes L. Woodard, 30, Hertford, N.C.; Maj. Edward J. Murphy, 36, S.C.; Spc. Michael K. Spivey, 21, Fayetteville, N.C.; Staff Sgt. Charles R. Sanders Jr., 29, Charleston, Mo.; Sgt. Maj. Barbaralien Banks, 41, Harvey, La.; Chief Warrant Officer Clint J. Prather, 32, Cheney, Wash.; Master Sgt. Edwin A. Matoscolon, 42, Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico; Chief Warrant Officer David Ayala, 24, New York, N.Y.; Pfc. Pendelton L. Sykes II, 25, Chesapeake, Va.; Spc. Chrystal Gaye Stout, 23, Travelers Rest, S.C.; Sgt. James Shawn Lee, 26, Mount Vernon, Ind.; Capt. David S. Connolly, 37, Boston, Mass.; Pvt. Robert C. White III, 21, Camden, N.J.; Spc. Robert W. Defazio, 21, West Babylon, N.Y.; Sgt. 1st Class Allen C. Johnson, 31, Los Molinos, Calif.; Lance Cpl. Nicholas C. Kirven, 21, Fairfax/Richmond, Va.; Cpl. Richard P. Schoener, 22, Hayes, La.; Cpl. Steven Charles Tucker, 19, Grapevine, Texas; Pfc. Kyle M. Hemauer, 21, Chilton, Wis.; Capt. Charles D. Robinson, 29, Haddon Heights, N.J.; Staff Sgt. Leroy E. Alexander, 27, Dale City, Va.; Sgt. Michael J. Kelley, 26, Scituate, Mass.; Pfc. Emmanuel Hernandez, 22, Yauco, Puerto Rico; Sgt. 1st Class Victor H. Cervantes, 27, Stockton, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Christopher N. Piper, 43, Marblehead, Mass.; Maj. Duane W. Dively, 43, Rancho California, Calif.; Lance Cpl. Kevin B. Joyce, 19, Ganado, Ariz.; Lt. Michael P. Murphy, 29, Patchogue, N.Y.; Lt. Michael M. McGreevy Jr., 30, Portville, N.Y.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew G. Axelson, 29, Cupertino, Calif.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Danny P. Dietz, 25, Littleton, Colo.; Petty Officer 1st Class Jeffrey S. Taylor, 30, Midway, West Va.; Petty Officer 2nd Class James Suh, 28, Deerfield Beach, Fla.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Eric Shane Patton, 22, Boulder City, Nev.; Lt. Cmdr. Erik S. Kristensen, 33, San Diego, Calif.; Senior Chief Petty Officer Daniel R. Healy, 36, Exeter, N.H.; Chief Petty Officer Jacques J. Fontan, 36, New Orleans, La.; Chief Warrant Officer Chris J. Scherkenbach, 40, Jacksonville, Fla.; Staff Sgt. Shamus O. Goare, 29, Danville, Ohio; Sgt. 1st Class Michael L. Russell, 31, Stafford, Va.; Maj. Stephen C. Reich, 34, Washington Depot, Conn.; Chief Warrant Officer Corey J. Goodnature, 35, Clarks Grove, Minn.; Sgt. Kip A. Jacoby, 21, Pompano Beach, Fla.; Sgt. 1st Class Marcus V. Muralles, 33, Shelbyville, Ind.; Master Sgt. James W. "Tré" Ponder III, 36, Franklin, Tenn.; Petty Officer 1st Class Jeffery A. Lucas, 33, Corbett, Ore.; Sgt. Jason T. Palmerton, 25, Auburn, Neb.; Staff Sgt. Michael W. Schafer, 25, Spring Hill, Fla.; Gunnery Sgt. Theodore Clark Jr., 31, Emporia, Va.; Pfc. Damian J. Garza, 19, Odessa, Texas; Pvt. John M. Henderson Jr., 21, Columbus, Ga.; Staff Sgt. Christopher M. Falkel, 22, Highlands Ranch, Colo.; Spc. Christopher M. Katzenberger, 25, St. Louis, Mo.; Sgt. Edward R. Heselton, 23, Easley, S.C.; Capt. Jeremy A. Chandler, 30, Clarksville, Tenn.; 1st Lt. Laura Margaret Walker, 24, Texas; Sgt. Robert G. Davis, 23, Jackson, Mo.; Lance Cpl. Phillip C. George, 22, Houston, Texas; Sgt. Michael R. Lehmiller, 23, Anderson, S.C.; Pvt. Christopher L. Palmer, 22, Sacramento, Calif.; 1st Lt. Joshua M. Hyland, 31, Missoula, Mont.; Spc. Blake W. Hall, 20, East Prairie, Mo.; Staff Sgt. Damion G. Campbell, 23, Baltimore, Md.; 1st Lt. Derek S. Hines, 25, Newburyport, Mass. ; Lance Cpl. Ryan J. Nass, 21, Franklin, Wis.; Chief Warrant Officer John M. Flynn, 36, Sparks, Nev.; Sgt. Patrick D. Stewart, 35, Fernley, Nev.; Sgt. Tane T. Baum, 30, Pendleton, Ore.; Warrant Officer Adrian B. Stump, 22, Pendleton, Ore.; Sgt. Kenneth G. Ross, 24, Peoria, Ariz.; Staff Sgt. Robert F. White, 34, Cross Lanes, West Va.; Lance Cpl. Steven A. Valdez, 20, McRea, Ark.; Staff Sgt. John G. Doles, 29, Claremore, Okla.; Sgt. 1st Class James J. Stoddard Jr., 29, Crofton, Md.; Sgt. 1st Class Moses E. Armstead, 44, Rochester, N.Y.; Pfc. Benny S. Franklin, 19, Hammond, La.; Staff Sgt. Troy S. Ezernack, 39, Lancaster, Penn.; Petty Officer 3rd Class Fabricio Moreno, 26, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Spc. Scott J. Mullen, 22, Tucson, Ariz.; Pfc. Joseph Cruz, 22, Whittier, Calif.; Travis W. Nixon, 24, St. John, Wash.; Sgt. 1st Class James S. Ochsner, 36, Waukegan, Ill.; Petty Officer 3rd Class Emory J. Turpin, 23, Dahlonega, Ga.; Spc. Matthew P. Steyart, 21, Mount Shasta, Calif.; Sgt. 1st Class John D. Morton, 31, Stanton, Ky.; Pfc. Jason D. Hasenauer, 21, Hilton, N.Y.; 1st Sgt. Tobias C. Meister, 30, Jenks, Okla.; 2006: Lance Cpl. Billy D. Brixey Jr., 21, Ferriday, La.; Petty Officer 3rd Class John T. Fralish, 30, New Kingstown, Penn.; Pfc. Matthew L. Bertolino, 20, Hampstead, N.H.; Sgt. Alberto D. Montrond, 27, Suffolk, Mass.; Sgt. 1st Class Chad A. Gonsalves, 31, Turlock, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Edwin H. Dazachacon, 38, Belleville, Ill.; Staff Sgt. Clinton T. Newman, 26, San Antonio, Texas; Capt. Bryan D. 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Bradbury, 22, Saint Joseph, Mo.; Staff Sgt. Heathe N. Craig, 28, Severn, Md.; Staff Sgt. Patrick L. Lybert, 28, Ladysmith, Wis.; Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti, 30, Raynham, Mass.; Staff Sgt. Joseph F. Fuerst III, 26, Tampa, Fla.; Master Sgt. Thomas D. Maholic, 38, Bradford, Penn.; Pfc. Justin R. Davis, 19, Gaithersburg, Md.; Cpl. Aaron M. Griner, 24, Tampa, Fla.; Chief Warrant Officer 3 William T. Flanigan, 37, Milan, Tenn.; Pfc. Kevin F. Edgin, 31, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Sgt. Maj. Jeff McLochlin, 45, Rochester, Ind.; Sgt. Robert P. Kassin, 29, Las Vegas, Nev.; Staff Sgt. Robert J. Chiomento, 34, Fort Dix, N.J.; Staff Sgt. Eric Caban, 28, Fort Worth, Texas; 1st Sgt. Christopher C. Rafferty, 37, Brownsville, Penn.; Sgt. David M. Hierholzer, 27, Lewisburg, Tenn.; Spc. Andrew Velez, 22, Lubbock, Texas; Sgt. 1st Class Daniel A. Suplee, 39, Ocala, Fla.; Spc. Rogelio R. Garza Jr., 26, Corpus Christi, Texas; Pfc. James P. White Jr., 19, Huber Heights, Ohio; Pfc. Andrew Small, 19, Wiscasset, Maine; Cpl. Jeremiah S. Cole, 26, Hiawatha, Kan.; Pvt. Joseph R. Blake, 34, Portland, Ore.; Spc. Wakkuna Almira Jackson, 21, Jacksonville, Fla.; Spc. Chris Sitton, 21, Montrose, Colo.; Pfc. Robert E. Drawl Jr., 21, Alexandria, Va.; Senior Airman Adam P. Servais, 23, Onalaska, Wis.; Sgt. 1st Class Merideth Howard, 52, Waukesha, Wis.; Staff Sgt. Robert J. Paul, 43, The Dalles, Ore.; Sgt. Nathaniel Brad Lindsey, 38, Troutdale, Ore.; Sgt. 1st Class Mike Fuga, 41, Nuuli, American Samoa; Sgt. Jeremy E. DePottey, 26, Ironwood, Mich.; Sgt. 1st Class Bernard Lee Deghand, 42, Mayetta, Kan.; Angelo J. Vaccaro, 23, Deltona, Fla.; Spc. Fernando D. Robinson, 21, Hawthorne, Calif.; Chief Warrant Officer Scott W. Dyer, 38, Cocoa Beach, Fla.; Spc. Jason A. Lucas, 24, Columbus, Ohio; Pvt. Michael V. Bailey, 20, Waldorf, Md.; Staff Sgt. Kyu H. Chay, 34, Fayetteville, N.C.; Spc. Isaiah Calloway, 23, Jacksonville, Fla.; Maj. Douglas E. Sloan, 40, Charlevoix, Mich.; Pfc. Alex Oceguera, 19, San Bernardino, Calif.; Sgt. Charles J. McClain, 26, Fort Riley, Kan.; Sgt. 1st Class William R. Brown, 30, Fort Worth, Texas; Caporal Nathan J. Goodiron, 25, Mandaree, N.D.; 2nd Lt. Scott B. Lundell, 35, Hurricane, Utah; 1st Lt. Benjamin D. Keating, 27, Shapleigh, Maine; Staff Sgt. Michael A. Shank, 31, Bonham, Texas; Spc. Jeffrey G. Roberson, 22, Phelan, Calif.; Spc. Chris Kleinwachter, 29, Wahpeton, N.D.; Staff Sgt. Joseph E. Phaneuf II, 38, Eastford, Conn.; 2007: Sgt. Long N. Nguyen, 27, Portland, Ore.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Laquita Pate James, 33, Orange Park, Fla.; Cpl. Timothy D. Lewis, 20, Lawrenceburg, Ky.; Chief Warrant Officer John A. Quinlan, 36, N.J.; Spc. Brandon D. Gordon, 21, Naples, Fla.; Sgt. Adam A. Wilkinson, 23, Fort Carson, Colo.; Pfc. Ryan C. Garbs, 20, Edwardsville, Ill.; Tech. Sgt. Scott E. Duffman, 32, Albuquerque, N.M.; Pfc. Kristofer D. S. Thomas, 18, Roseville, Calif.; Spc. Travis R. Vaughn, 26, Reinbeck, Iowa; Chief Warrant Officer Hershel D. McCants Jr., 33, Ariz.; Sgt. Buddy J. Hughie, 19, Poteau, Okla.; Pfc. Jason D. Johns, 19, Frankton, Ind.; Pfc. Daniel Zizumbo, 27, Chicago, Ill.; Sgt. Christopher J. C. Fernandez, 28, Dededo, Guam; Sgt. Gregory D. Fejeran, 28, Barrigada, Guam; Sgt. Edmund W. McDonald, 25, Casco, Maine; Spc. Agustin Gutierrez, 19, San Jacinto, Calif.; Spc. Christopher M. Wilson, 24, Bangor, Maine; Pfc. Conor G. Masterson, 21, Inver Grove Heights, Minn.; Sgt. Edelman L. Hernandez, 23, Hyattsville, Md.; Staff Sgt. Casey D. Combs, 28, Auburn, Wash.; Sgt. David A. Stephens, 28, Tullahoma, Tenn.; Sgt. Aalten Alex Van, 21, Monterey, Tenn.; Staff Sgt. Michael D. Thomas, 34, Seffner, Fla.; Spc. Daniel F. Mehringer, 20, Morgantown, West Va.; Cpl. Jeremy R. Greene, 24, Springfield, Ohio; Pfc. Joseph G. Harris, 19, Sugar Land, Texas; Col. James W. Harrison Jr., 47, Mo.; Master Sgt. Wilberto Sabalu Jr., 36, Chicago, Ill.; Sgt. Timothy P. Padgett, 28, Defuniak Springs, Fla.; Maj. Larry J. Bauguess Jr., 36, Moravian Falls, N.C.; Staff Sgt. Joshua R. Whitaker, 23, Long Beach, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Charlie L. Bagwell, 28, Lake Toxaway, N.C.; Sgt. Brandon E. Hadaway, 25, Valley, Ala.; Sgt. Jesse Blamires, 25, South Jordan, Utah; Chief Warrant Officer Christopher M. Allgaier, 33, Middleton, Mo.; Chief Warrant Officer Joshua R. Rodgers, 29, Carson City, Nev.; Sgt. Charles R. Browning, 31, Tucson, Ariz.; Lt. Col. Michael A. Robinson, 42, Sylacauga, Ala.; Pfc. Jacob Michael Lowell, 22, New Lenox, Ill.; Pfc. Timothy R. Vimoto, 19, Fort Campbell, Ky.; Sgt. Charles E. Wyckoff Jr., 28, Chula Vista, Calif.; Master Sgt. Arthur L. Lilley, 35, Smithfield, Penn.; Staff Sgt. Roy P. Lewsader Jr., 36, Clinton, Ind.; Capt. Joshua E. Steele, 26, North Henderson, Ill.; Sgt. 1st Class John Henning, 26, Lake Charles, La.; Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Dale Henderson, 35, Hillsboro, Ore.; Sgt. Dustin J. Perrott, 23, Fredericksburg, Va.; Capt. Darrell C. Lewis, 31, Washington, D.C., ; Pfc. Joseph A. Miracle, 22, Ortonville, Mich.; Spc. Christopher S. Honaker, 23, Cleveland, N.C.; Sgt. Thomas P. McGee, 23, Hawthorne, Calif.; Sgt. 1st Class Sean K. Mitchell, 35, Monterey, Calif.; Master Sgt. Randy J. Gillespie, 44, Coaldale, Colo.; Pfc. Juan S. Restrepo, 20, Pembroke Pines, Fla.; Pfc. Jessy S. Rogers, 20, Copper Center, Alaska; Pfc. Adam J. Davis, 19, Twin Falls, Idaho; Sgt. Travon T. Johnson, 29, Palmdale, Calif.; 1st Sgt. Michael S. Curry Jr., 37, Dania Beach, Fla.; Pfc. Zachary R. Endsley, 21, Spring, Texas; Staff Sgt. William R. Fritsche, 23, Martinsville, Ind.; Maj. Thomas G. Bostick Jr., 37, Llano, Texas; 1st Lt. Benjamin J. Hall, 24, Va.; Sgt. Taurean T. Harris, 22, Liberty, Miss.; Pfc. Jordan E. Goode, 21, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Pvt. Alan J. Austin, 21, Houston, Texas; Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey D. Kettle, 31, Madill, Okla.; Staff Sgt. Jesse G. Clowers Jr., 27, Herndon, Va.; Sgt. Charles B. Kitowski III, 31, Farmers Branch, Texas; Spc. George V. Libby, 23, Aberdeen, N.C.; Sgt. 1st Class Scott M. Carney, 37, Ankeny, Iowa; Sgt. 1st Class Daniel E. Miller, 43, Rossford, Ohio; Staff Sgt. Nicholas R. Carnes, 25, Dayton, Ky.; Sgt. 1st Class Rocky H. Herrera, 43, Salt Lake City, Utah; Sgt. Bryce D. Howard, 24, Vancouver, Wash.; Pfc. Thomas R. Wilson, 21, Maurertown, Va.; Ciara M. Durkin, 30, Quincy, Mass. ; Sgt. Cory L. Clark, 25, Plant City, Fla.; Maj. Henry S. Ofeciar, 37, Agana, Guam; Master Sgt. Scott R. Ball, 38, Mount Holly Springs, Penn.; Sgt. Jan M. Argonish, 26, Peckville, Penn.; Master Sgt. Patrick D. Magnani, 38, Martinez, Calif.; Pfc. Mykel F. Miller, 19, Phoenix, Ariz.; Cpl. Travis M. Woods, 21, Redding, Calif.; Sgt. 1st Class Matthew D. Blaskowski, 27, Levering, Mich.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Charles Luke Milam, 26, Littleton, Colo.; Pfc. Christopher F. Pfeifer, 21, Spalding, Neb.; Pfc. Mathew D. Taylor, 21, Cameron Park, Calif.; Sgt. Zachary D. Tellier, 31, Charlotte, N.C.; Petty Officer 3rd Class Mark R. Cannon, 31, Lubbock, Texas; Cpl. Adam D. Quinn, 22, Orange City, Fla.; Staff Sgt. Larry I. Rougle, 25, West Jordan, Utah; Sgt. Edward O. Philpot, 38, Latta, S.C.; Sgt. Joshua C. Brennan, 22, Ontario, Ore.; Spc. Hugo V. Mendoza, 29, Glendale, Ariz.; Staff Sgt. Joseph F. Curreri, 27, Los Angeles, Calif.; Master Sgt. Thomas L. Bruner, 50, Owensboro, Ky.; Maj. Jeffrey R. Calero, 34, Queens Village, N.Y.; Staff Sgt. James D. Bullard, 28, Marion, S.C.; Sgt. 1st Class Johnny C. Walls, 41, Bremerton, Wash.; Pfc. Joseph M. Lancour, 21, Swartz Creek, Mich.; Spc. Lester G. Roque, 23, Torrance, Calif.; Spc. Sean K. A. Langevin, 23, Walnut Creek, Calif.; 1st Lt. Matthew C. Ferrara, 24, Torrance, Calif.; Sgt. Jeffery S. Mersman, 23, Parker, Kan.; Sgt. Phillip Allen Bocks, 28, Troy, Mich.; Staff Sgt. Patrick F. Kutschbach, 25, McKees Rocks, Penn.; Sgt. Adrian E. Hike, 26, Callender, Iowa; Capt. David A. Boris, 30, Penn.; 2nd Lt. Stuart F. Liles, 26, Hot Spring, Ark.; Cpl. Tanner J. O'Leary, 23, Eagle Butte, S.D.; Staff Sgt. Gregory L. Elam, 39, Columbus, Ga.; Cpl. Joshua C. Blaney, 25, Matthews, N.C.; Staff Sgt. Michael J. Gabel, 30, Crowley, La.; Senior Airman Nicholas D. Eischen, 24, Sanger, Calif.; Spc. Brian Gorham, 23, Woodburn, Ky.; 2008: Sgt. Shawn F. Hill, 37, Wellford, S.C.; Sgt. James K. Healy, 25, Hesperia, Calif.; Maj. Michael L. Green, 36, Chagrin Falls, Ohio; Sgt. David J. Drakulich, 22, Reno, Nev.; Lt. Col. Richard J. Berrettini, 52, Wilcox, Penn.; Staff Sgt. Robert J. Miller, 24, Iowa City, Iowa; Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Ryan Kahler, 29, Granite Falls, Minn.; Staff Sgt. Donald T. Tabb, 29, Norcross, Ga.; Sgt. Robert T. Rapp, 22, Sonora, Calif.; Spc. Steven R. Koch, 23, Milltown, N.J.; Sgt. Gabriel Guzman, 25, Hornbrook, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Collin J. Bowen, 38, Millersville, Md.; Pfc. Antione V. Robinson, 20, Detroit, N.C.; Staff Sgt. William R. Neil, 38, Holmden, N.J.; Tech. Sgt. William H. Jefferson Jr., 34, Norfolk, Va.; Lance Cpl. Dustin L. Canham, 21, Lake Stevens, Wash.; Sgt. Nicholas A. Robertson, 27, Old Town, Maine; 1st Sgt. Luke J. Mercardante, 35, Athens, Ga.; Cpl. Kyle W. Wilks, 24, Rogers, Ark.; Sgt. 1st Class David L. McDowell, 30, Ramona, Calif.; Senior Airman Jonathan A. V. Yelner, 24, Lafayette, Calif.; Spc. Jeremy R. Gullett, 22, Greenup, Ky.; Staff Sgt. Kevin C. Roberts, 25, Farmington, N.M.; Sgt. Isaac Palomarez, 26, Loveland, Colo.; Pfc. Ara T. Deysie, 18, Parker, Ariz.; Pvt. Matthew W. Brown, 20, Zelienople, Penn.; Master Sgt. Davy N. Weaver, 39, Barnesville, Ga.; Cpl. William Justin L. Cooper, 22, Eupora, Miss.; Lt. Jeffrey A. Ammon, 37, Orem, Utah; Lt. Col. Joseph A. Moore, 54, Boise, Idaho; 1st Lt. Jeffrey F. Deprimo, 35, Pittston, Penn.; Spc. David L. Leimbach, 38, Taylors, S.C.; Spc. Christopher Gathercole, 21, Santa Rosa, Calif.; Spc. Justin L. Buxbaum, 23, South Portland, Maine; Pfc. Chad M. Trimble, 29, West Covina, Calif.; Sgt. 1st Class David Nunez, 27, Los Angeles, Calif.; Spc. James M. Finley, 21, Lebanon, Mo.; Pvt. Andrew J. Shields, 19, Battleground, Wash.; Pfc. Derek D. Holland, 20, Wind Gap, Penn.; Maj. Scott A. Hagerty, 41, Stillwater, Okla.; Chief Warrant Officer James Carter, 42, Ala.; Pfc. Andre D. McNair Jr., 20, Fort Pierce, Fla.; Sgt. Michael Toussiant-Hyle Washington, 20, Tacoma, Wash.; Pfc. Michael Robert Patton, 19, Fenton, Mo.; Lance Cpl. Layton Bradly Crass, 22, Richmond, Ind.; Pfc. Dawid Pietrek, 24, Bensenville, Ill.; Hospitalman Marc A. Retmier, 19, Hemet, Calif.; Petty Officer 1st Class Ross L. Toles III, 37, Davison, Mich.; Capt. Eric Daniel Terhune, 34, Lexington, Ky.; Lance Cpl. Andrew Francis Whitacre, 21, Bryant, Ind.; Hospitalman Dustin Kelby Burnett, 19, Fort Mohave, Ariz.; Sgt. Matthew E. Mendoza, 24, San Antonio, Texas; Spc. Anthony L. Mangano, 36, Greenlawn, N.Y.; Lt. Col. James J. Walton, 41, Rockville, Md.; Sgt. Andrew Seabrooks, 36, Queens, N.Y.; Sgt. Nelson D. Rodriguez Ramirez, 22, Revere, Mass. ; Spc. Ryan J. Connolly, 24, Vacaville, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Christopher D. Strickland, 25, Labelle, Fla.; Sgt. 1st Class Matthew L. Hilton, 37, Livonia, Mich.; Staff Sgt. Edgar A. Heredia, 28, Houston, Texas; Spc. Mark C. Palmateer, 38, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; Sgt. 1st Class Joseph A. McKay, 51, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Staff Sgt. Travis K. Hunsberger, 24, Goshen, IN; Sergenat James M. Treber, 24, Imperial Beach, Calif.; Master Sgt. Shawn E. Simmons, 39, Ashland, Mass.; Sgt. 1st Class Jeffrey M. Radamorales, 32, Naranjito, Puerto Rico; Spc. Estell L. Turner, 43, Sioux Falls, S.D.; 1st Lt. Daniel Farkas, 42, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Sgt. Douglas J. Bull, 29, Wilkes Barre, Penn.; Spc. Brian S. Leon Guerrero, 34, Hagatna, Guam; Spc. Samson A. Mora, 28, Dededo, Guam; Cpl. Jason M. Bogar, 25, Seattle, Wash.; 1st Lt. Jonathan P. Brostrom, 24, Hawaii; Cpl. Pruitt A. Rainey, 22, Haw River, N.C.; Cpl. Matthew B. Phillips, 27, Jasper, Ga.; Cpl. Jonathan R. Ayers, 24, Snellville, Ga.; Cpl. Jason D. Hovater, 24, Clinton, Tenn.; Pfc. Sergio S. Abad, 21, Morganfield, Ky.; Cpl. Gunnar W. Zwilling, 20, Florissant, Mo.; Master Sgt. Mitchell W. Young, 39, Jonesboro, Ga.; Sgt. Israel Garcia, 24, Long Beach, Calif.; Pfc. Willington M. Rhoads, 23, Las Vegas, Nev.; 1st Lt. Jason D. Mann, 29, Woodlynne, N.J.; 1st Lt. Nick A. Dewhirst, 25, Onalaska, Wis.; Pfc. Ivan I. Wilson, 22, Clearlake, Calif.; Spc. Seteria L. Harris Brown, 22, Orlando, Fla.; Pfc. David John Badie, 23, Rockford, Ill.; 2nd Lt. Michael R. Girdano, 23, Penn.; Spc. William J. Mulvihill, 20, Leavenworth, Kan.; Pvt. Jair De Jesus Garcia, 29, Chatsworth, Calif.; Sgt. Ryan P. Baumann, 24, Great Mills, Md.; Sgt. Jaime Gonzalez Jr., 40, Austin, Texas; Sgt. Errol M. James, 29, St. Croix, Virgin Islands; Capt. Garrett T. Lawton, 31, Charleston, West Va.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Anthony M. Carbullido, 25, Agat, Guam; Pvt. John A. Mattox, 23, Daingerfield, Texas; Lance Cpl. Juan Lopez-Castaneda, 19, Mesa, Ariz.; Cpl. Anthony G. Mihalo, 23, Naperville, Ill.; Lance Cpl. Jacob J. Toves, 27, Grover Beach, Calif.; 1st Lt. Donald C. Carwile, 29, Oxford, Va.; Pfc. Paul E. Conlon Jr., 21, Somerville, Mass. ; Staff Sgt. Kristopher D. Rodgers, 29, Sturgis, Mich.; Pfc. Jonathan L. Luscher, 20, Scranton, Penn.; Staff Sgt. David L. Paquet, 26, Rising Sun, Md.; Sgt. 1st Class David J. Todd Jr., 36, Marrero, La.; Staff Sgt. Brian E. Studer, 28, Roseau, Minn.; Pvt. Tan Q. Ngo, 20, Beaverton, Ore.; Petty Officer 1st Class Joshua Harris, 36, Lexington, N.C.; Sgt. 1st Class Gregory A. Rodriguez, 35, Weidman, Mich.; Pvt. Vincent C. Winston Jr., 22, St. Louis, Mo.; Pvt. Michael R. Dinterman, 18, Littlestown, Penn.; Spc. Marques I. Knight, 24, San Juan Capistrano, Calif.; 1st Lt. Nicholas A. Madrazo, 25, Bothell, Wash.; Capt. Jesse Melton III, 29, Randallstown, Md.; Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Eichmann A. Strickland, 23, Arlington, Wash.; Pvt. Michael W. Murdock, 22, Chocowinity, N.C.; Chief Warrant Officer Michael Slebodnik, 39, Gibsonia, Penn.; Senior Chief Petty Officer John Wayne Marcum, 34, Flushing, Mich.; Chief Petty Officer Jason Richard Freiwald, 30, Armada, Mich.; 1st Lt. Mohsin A. Naqvi, 26, Newburgh, N.Y.; Staff Sgt. Jason A. Vazquez, 24, Chicago, Ill.; Capt. Bruce E. Hays, 42, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Sgt. Joshua W. Harris, 21, Romeoville, Ill.; Lt. Col. James L. Wiley, 46, North Bend, Ore.; Staff Sgt. Brandon W. Farley, 30, Haworth, Okla.; Sgt. Jerome C. Bell Jr., 29, New York, Auburn; Pvt. Joseph F. Gonzales, 18, Tucson, Ariz.; Capt. Bruno G. Desolenni, 32, Crescent City, Calif.; Maj. Rodolfo I. Rodriguez, 34, El Paso, Texas; Cryptologic Technician Third Class Petty Officer Matthew J. O'Bryant, 22, Duluth, Ga.; Staff Sgt. Nathan M. Cox, 32, Walcott, Iowa; Sgt. William E. Hasenflu, 38, Bradenton, Fla.; Sgt. 1st Class Jamie S. Nicholas, 32, Maysel, West Va.; Sgt. 1st Class Gary J. Vasquez, 33, Round Lake, Ill.; Capt. Richard G. Cliff Jr., 29, Mount Pleasant, S.C.; Spc. Jason E. von Zerneck, 33, Charlotte, N.C.; Cpl. Jason A. Karella, 20, Anchorage, Alaska; Pfc. Scott G. Dimond, 39, Franklin, N.H.; Sgt. Preston R. Medley, 23, Baker, Fla.; Spc. Stephen R. Fortunato, 25, Danvers, Mass. ; Spc. Cory J. Bertrand, 18, Center, Texas; Sgt. John M. Penich, 25, Beach Park, Ill.; Sgt. Federico G. Borjas, 33, San Diego, Calif.; Capt. Robert D. Lindenau, 39, Camano Island, Wash.; Spc. Deon L. Taylor, 30, Bronx, N.Y.; Lance Cpl. Sim San, 23, Santa Ana, Calif.; Cpl. Adrian Robles, 21, Scottsbluff, Neb.; 1st Lt. Trevor J. Yurista, 32, Pleasant Valley, N.Y.; Sgt. Kevin D. Grieco, 35, Bartlett, Ill.; Sgt. Nicholas A. Casey, 22, Canton, Ohio; Sgt. Daniel W. Wallace, 27, Dry Ridge, Ky.; Spc. Jonnie L. Stiles, 38, Highlands Ranch, Colo.; Capt. Robert J. Yllescas, 31, Lincoln, Neb.; Pvt. Colman J. Meadows III, 19, Senoia, Ga.; Cpl. Charles P. Gaffney Jr., 42, Phoenix, Ariz.; 2009: Lance Cpl. Alberto Francesconi, 21, Bronx, N.Y.; Lance Cpl. Jessie A. Cassada, 19, Hendersonville, N.C.; Sgt. Joshua L. Rath, 22, Decatur, Ala.; Spc. Keith Eric Essary, 20, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Cpl. Jason R. Parsons, 24, Lenoir, N.C.; Spc. Joseph M. Hernandez, 24, Hammond, Ind.; Maj. Brian M. Mescall, 33, Hopkinton, Mass.; Lance Cpl. Daniel R. Bennett, 23, Clifton, Va.; Staff Sgt. Joshua R. Townsend, 30, Solvang, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Carlo M. Robinson, 33, Lawton, Okla.; Spc. Ezra Dawson, 31, Las Vegas, Nev.; Lance Cpl. Julian T. Brennan, 25, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Sgt. David W. Wallace III, 25, Sharpsville, Penn.; Sgt. Trevor J. Johnson, 23, Forsyth, Mont.; Chief Warrant Officer 4 Milton E. Suggs, 51, Lockport, La.; Lance Cpl. Kevin T. Preach, 21, Bridgewater, Mass.; 1st Lt. Jared W. Southworth, 26, Oakland, Ill.; Staff Sgt. Jason E. Burkholder, 27, Elida, Ohio; Spc. Peter J. Courcy, 22, Frisco, Texas; Pfc. Jason R. Watson, 19, Many, La.; Staff Sgt. Marc J. Small, 29, Collegeville, Penn.; Sgt. Daniel L. Hansen, 24, Tracy, Calif.; Sgt. 1st Class Raymond J. Munden, 35, Mesquite, Texas; Master Sgt. David L. Hurt, 36, Tucson, Ariz.; Staff Sgt. Jeremy E. Bessa, 26, Illinois, Woodridge; Staff Sgt. Timothy P. Davis, 28, Aberdeen, Wash.; Capt. Brian M. Bunting, 29, Potomac, Md.; Sgt. Schuyler B. Patch, 25, Owasso, Okla.; Sgt. Scott B. Stream, 39, Mattoon, Ill.; Sgt. Daniel James Thompson, 24, Madison, Wis.; Spc. Simone A. Robinson, 21, Dixmoor, Ill.; Pfc. Patrick A. Devoe II, 27, Auburn, N.Y.; Staff Sgt. Archie A. Taylor, 37, Tomball, Texas; Staff Sgt. Timothy L. Bowles, 24, Tucson, N.M.; Spc. Robert M. Weinger, 24, Round Lake Beach, Ill.; Sgt. Christopher P. Abeyta, 23, Midlothian, Ill.; Spc. Norman L. Cain III, 22, Oregon, IL, Ill.; Lance Cpl. Daniel J. Geary, 22, Rome, N.Y.; Cpl. Anthony L. Williams, 21, Oxford, Penn.; Cpl. Michael W. Ouellette, 28, Manchester, N.H.; Pfc. Adam J. Hardt, 19, Avondale, Ariz.; Lt. (j.g.) Francis L. Toner IV, 26, Narragansett, R.I.; Lt. Florence B. Choe, 35, El Cajon, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Phillip A. Myers, 30, Hopewell, Va.; Spc. Adam M. Kuligowski, 21, Arlington, Va.; Lance Cpl. Blaise A. Oleski, 22, Holland Patent, N.Y.; Airman 1st Class Jacob I. Ramsey, 20, Hesperia, Calif.; Cpl. Francisco X. Aguila, 35, Bayamon, Puerto Rico; Pfc. Richard A. Dewater, 21, Topeka, Kan.; Staff Sgt. William D. Vile, 27, Philadelphia, Penn.; Sgt. James Pirtle, 21, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Spc. Ryan C. King, 22, Dallas, Ga.; Spc. Lukasz D. Saczek, 23, Lake in the Hills, Ill.; Staff Sgt. Esau I. De la Pena-Hernandez, 25, La Puente, Calif.; Sgt. Carlie M. Lee III, 23, Birmingham, Ala.; 1st Lt. Roslyn Littmann Schulte, 25, Ladue (St. Louis), Mo.; Chief Warrant Officer 3 Brent S. Cole, 38, Reedsville, West Va.; Lt. Col. Mark E. Stratton, 39, Houston, Texas; Senior Airman Ashton Lynn Marie Goodman, 21, Indianapolis, Ind.; 1st Sgt. Blue C. Rowe, 33, Summers, Ark.; Lance Cpl. Matthew G. Reza, 27, Austin, Texas; Sgt. Jasper K. Obakrairur, 26, Hilo, Hawaii; Pfc. Matthew W. Wilson, 19, Miller, Mo.; Pfc. Matthew D. Ogden, 33, Corpus Christi, Texas; Staff Sgt. Jeffrey A. Hall, 28, Huntsville, Ala.; Spc. Roberto A. Hernandez, 21, Far Rockaway, N.Y.; Spc. Jarrett P. Griemel, 20, La Porte, Texas; Staff Sgt. John C. Beale, 39, Riverdale, Ga.; Spc. Jeffrey W. Jordan, 21, Rome, Ga.; Maj. Rocco M. Barnes, 50, Los Angeles, Calif.; Maj. Kevin M. Jenrette, 37, Lula, Ga.; Lance Cpl. Joshua R. Whittle, 20, Downey, Calif.; Spc. Eduardo S. Silva, 25, Greenfield, Calif.; Chief Warrant Officer Ricky L. Richardson Jr., 33, Franklin, Mo.; Spc. Jonathan C. O'Neill, 22, Zephyrhills, Fla.; Sgt. 1st Class Kevin A. Dupont, 52, Chicopee, Mass.; Staff Sgt. Joshua Melton, 26, Carlyle, Ill.; Sgt. Paul G. Smith, 43, Peoria, Ill.; Command Master Chief Petty Officer Jeffrey J. Garber, 43, Hemingford, Neb.; 1st Sgt. John D. Blair, 38, Calhoun, Ga.; Sgt. Ricky D. Jones, 26, Plantersville, Ala.; Spc. Rodrigo A. Munguia-Rivas, 27, Germantown, Md.; 1st Lt. Brian N. Bradshaw, 24, Steilacoom, Wash.; Pfc. Peter K. Cross, 20, Saginaw, Texas; Pvt. Steven T. Drees, 19, Peshtigo, Wis.; Sgt. Terry J. Lynch, 22, Shepherd, Mont.; Lance Cpl. Charles S. Sharp, 20, Adairsville, Ga.; Pfc. Justin A. Casillas, 19, Dunnigan, Calif.; Pfc. Aaron E. Fairbairn, 20, Aberdeen, Wash.; Pfc. Nicolas H. J. Gideon, 20, Murrieta, Calif.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Tony Michael Randolph, 22, Henryetta, Okla.; Spc. Issac L. Johnson, 24, Ga.; 2nd Lt. Derwin I. Williams, 41, Glenwood, Ill.; Spc. Chester W. Hosford, 35, Hastings, Minn.; Sgt. Brock H. Chavers, 25, Bulloch, Ga.; Capt. Mark A. Garner, 30, Elkin, N.C.; Spc. Christopher M. Talbert, 24, Galesburg, Ill.; Sgt. John Eric Hayes, 36, Middleburg, Fla.; Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Darren Ethan Tate, 21, Canyon, Texas; Lance Cpl. Roger Gary Michael Hager, 20, Gibsonville, N.C.; Sgt. Michael C. Roy, 25, North Fort Myers, Fla.; Spc. Gregory James Missman, 36, Batavia, Ohio; Spc. Joshua Ray Farris, 22, Warda (La Grange?), Texas; Cpl. Matthew Ryan Lembke, 22, Tualatin, Ore.; Lance Cpl. Pedro Antonio Barbozaflores, 27, Glendale, Calif.; Master Sgt. Jerome David Hatfield, 36, Axton, Va.; Staff Sgt. Eric James Lindstrom, 27, Flagstaff, Ariz.; Sgt. Michael Wayne Heede Jr., 22, Delta, Penn.; Staff Sgt. David Shane Spicer, 33, Zanesfield, Ohio; Sgt. 1st Class Jason John Fabrizi, 29, Seffner, Fla.; Capt. Mark Russell Mcdowell, 26, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Capt. Thomas Joseph Gramith, 27, Eagan, Minn.; Cpl. Benjamin Stephen Kopp, 21, Rosemount, Minn.; Spc. Anthony Marquis Lightfoot, 20, Riverdale, Ga.; Sgt. Gregory Owens Jr., 24, Garland, Texas; Spc. Andrew Jay Roughton, 21, Houston, Texas; Pfc. Dennis Joseph Pratt, 34, Duncan, Okla.; Sgt. Raymundo Porras Morales, 34, Dalton, Ga.; Sgt. Joshua James Rimer, 24, Rochester, Penn.; Spc. Randy L.J. Neff Jr., 22, Blackfoot, Idaho; Lance Cpl. Jeremy Scott Lasher, 27, Oneida, N.Y.; Cpl. Nicholas George Xiarhos, 21, Yarmouth Port, Mass.; Sgt. Ryan H. Lane, 25, Pittsburgh, Penn.; Aviation Electronics Technician Airman Andrew Scott Charpentier, 21, Great Falls, Mont.; Spc. Justin Dean Coleman, 21, Weeki Wachee, Fla.; Pfc. Donald Wayne Vincent, 26, Gainesville, Fla.; Sgt. Gerrick David Smith, 19, Sullivan, Ill.; Chief Warrant Officer Douglas Melville Vose III, 38, Concrete, Wash.; Lance Cpl. Jonathan Fulton Stroud, 20, Cashion, Okla.; Lance Cpl. Gregory Alan Posey, 22, Knoxville, Tenn.; Spc. Alexander Joel Miller, 21, Clermont, Fla.; Pvt. Richard Kelvin Jones, 21, Person, N.C.; Pvt. Patrick Scott Fitzgibbon, 19, Knoxville, Tenn.; Cpl. Jonathan Michael Walls, 27, West Lawn, Penn.; Sgt. 1st Class Alejandro Granado III, 42, Tatum, Texas; Capt. Ronald George Luce Jr., 27, Fayetteville, N.C.; Sgt. 1st Class Severin West Summers III, 43, Bentonia, MS; Petty Officer 3rd Class Anthony Christian Garcia, 21, Tyndall, Fla.; Lance Cpl. Travis Thornton Babine, 20, San Antonio, Texas; Lance Cpl. James David Argentine, 22, Farmingdale, N.Y.; Cpl. Rivera Christian Armando Guzman, 21, Homestead, Fla.; Sgt. Jay Michael Hoskins, 24, Paris, Texas; Sgt. Jerry Randall Evans Jr., 23, Eufaula, Ala.; Capt. Matthew Charles Hays Freeman, 29, Richmond Hill, Ga.; Lance Cpl. Dennis James Burrow, 23, Naples, Fla.; Staff Sgt. Tara Jean Smith, 33, Nashville, N.C.; Lance Cpl. Javier Olvera, 20, Palmdale, Calif.; Spc. Matthew Kalen Samue Swanson, 20, Lake Forest, Calif.; Lance Cpl. Patrick Wayne Schimmel, 21, Winfield, Mo.; Lance Cpl. Bruce Earnest Ferrell, 21, Perdido, Ala.; Capt. John Tinsley, 28, Tallahassee, Fla.; Sgt. William John Cahir, 40, Washington, D.C.; Lance Cpl. Joshua Matthew Bernard, 21, New portland, Maine; Cpl. Nicholas Ryan Roush, 22, Middleville, Mich.; Sgt. 1st Class William Brian Woods Jr., 31, Chesapeake, Va.; Lance Cpl. Leopold Fred Damas, 26, Floral park, N.Y.; Pfc. Clayton Patrick Bowen, 29, San Antonio, Texas; 1st Sgt. Jose San Nicolas Crisostomo, 59, Inarajan, Guam; Spc. Troy Orion Tom, 21, Shiprock, N.M.; Morris Lewis Walker, 23, Chapel Hill, N.C.; Pfc. Jonathan Christopher Yanney, 20, Litchfield, Minn.; Gunnery Sgt. Adam Frank Benjamin, 34, Garfield, Ohio; Spc. Paul Edmond Dumont Jr., 23, Williamsburg, Va.; Brian Michael Wolverton, 21, Oak park, Calif.; Spc. Justin Reid Pellerin, 21, Boscawen, N.H.; Sgt. Matthew Lee Ingram, 25, Pearl, Miss.; Staff Sgt. Andrew Thomas Lobosco, 29, Somerville, N.J.; Cpl. Darby Todd Morin, 25, Big River 1st Nation, Canada; Sgt. 1st Class Ronald Wayne Sawyer, 38, Trenton, Mo.; Spc. Dennis Michael Williams, 24, Federal way, Wash.; Capt. Cory J. Jenkins, 30, Ariz.; Capt. John Louis Hallett III, 30, Dupont, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Kurt Robert Curtiss, 27, Murray, Utah; Lance Cpl. Donald James Hogan, 20, San Clemente, Calif.; Pfc. Matthew Everett Wildes, 18, Hammond, La.; Spc. Abraham Sherrod Wheeler III, 22, Columbia, S.C.; Staff Sgt. Jason Sean Dahlke, 29, Orlando, Fla.; Pfc. Eric W Hario, 19, Monroe, Mich.; Spc. Tyler R. Walshe, 21, Shasta, Calif.; Lance Cpl. David R. Hall, 31, Elyria, Ohio; Pfc. Jordan M. Brochu, 20, Cumberland, Maine; Spc. Jonathan D. Welch, 19, Yorba Linda, Calif.; Petty Officer 3rd Class Benjamin P. Castiglione, 21, Howell, Mich.; Lance Cpl. Christopher S. Baltazar Jr., 19, San Antonio, Texas; 2nd Lt. Darryn D. Andrews, 34, Dallas, Texas; Capt. Joshua S. Meadows, 30, Bastrop, Texas; Sgt. Youvert Loney, 28, Pohnpei, Micronesia; Staff Sgt. Michael C. Murphrey, 25, Snyder, Texas; Sgt. Randy M. Haney, 27, Orlando, Fla.; Staff Sgt. Aaron M. Kenefick, 30, Roswell, Ga.; 1st Lt. Michael E. Johnson, 25, Virginia Beach, Va.; Gunnery Sgt. Edwin Wayne Johnson Jr., 31, Columbus, Ga.; Petty Officer 3rd Class James R. Layton, 22, Riverbank, Calif.; 1st Lt. Tyler E. Parten, 24, Ark.; Lance Cpl. Christopher S. Fowlkes, 20, Gaffney, S.C.; Pfc. Matthew M. Martinek, 20, DeKalb, Ill.; Staff Sgt. Nekl B. Allen, 29, Rochester, N.Y.; Spc. Daniel L. Cox, 23, Parsons, Kan.; Sgt. Tyler A. Juden, 23, Winfield, Kan.; Staff Sgt. Bryan D. Berky, 25, Melrose, Fla.; Tech. Sgt. James R Hornbarger, 33, Castle Rock, Wash.; Sgt. Andrew H. McConnell, 24, Carlisle, Penn.; 1st Lt. David T. Wright II, 26, Moore, Okla.; Spc. Demetrius L. Void, 20, Orangeburg, S.C.; Staff Sgt. Joshua M. Mills, 24, El Paso, Texas; Sgt. 1st Class Shawn P. McCloskey, 33, Peachtree City, Ga.; Sgt. 1st Class Bradley S. Bohle, 29, Glen Burnie, Md.; Sgt. Robert D. Gordon II, 22, River Falls, Ala.; Pfc. Jeremiah J. Monroe, 31, Niskayuna, N.Y.; Sgt. David A. Davis, 28, Dalhart, Texas; Spc. Damon G. Winkleman, 23, Lakeville, Ohio; Spc. Corey J. Kowall, 20, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Pfc. William L. Meredith, 26, Virginia Beach, Va.; Spc. Joseph V. White, 21, Bellevue, Wash.; Sgt. Edward Bernard Smith, 30, Homestead, Fla.; Sgt. Titus R. Reynolds, 23, Columbus, Ohio; Lance Cpl. John J. Malone, 24, Yonkers, N.Y.; Spc. Kevin J. Graham, 27, Benton, Ky.; Lance Cpl. Jordan L. Chrobot, 24, Frederick, Md.; Staff Sgt. Jack M. Martin III, 26, Bethany, Okla.; Sgt. 1st Class Christopher D. Shaw, 37, Markham, Ill.; Staff Sgt. IV Alex French, 31, Milledgeville, Ga.; Spc. Russell S. Hercules Jr., 22, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Sgt. Roberto D. Sanchez, 24, Satellite Beach, Fla.; Sgt. Ryan C. Adams, 26, Rhinelander, Wis.; Pfc. Alan H. Newton Jr., 26, Asheboro, N.C.; Capt. Benjamin A. Sklaver, 32, Medford, Mass.; Sgt. Thomas D. Rabjohn, 39, Litchfield Park, Ariz.; Sgt. Aaron M. Smith, 25, Manhattan, Kan.; Pfc. Brandon A. Owens, 21, Memphis, Tenn.; Pfc. Kevin C. Thomson., 22, Reno, Nev.; Sgt. Joshua J. Kirk, 30, South Portland, Maine; Michael P. Scusa, 22, Villas, N.J.; Spc. Christopher T. Griffin, 24, Kincheloe, Mich.; Staff Sgt. Vernon W. Martin, 25, Savannah, Ga.; Spc. Stephen L. Mace, 21, Lovettsville, Va.; Sgt. Justin T. Gallegos, 27, Tucson, Ariz.; Sgt. Joshua M. Hardt, 24, Applegate, Calif.; Spc. Kevin O. Hill, 23, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Sgt. 1st Class Kenneth W. Westbrook, 41, Shiprock, N.M.; Staff Sgt. Aaron J. Taylor, 27, Bovey, Minn.; Spc. George W. Cauley, 24, Walker, Minn, Minn.; Lance Cpl. Alfonso Ochoa Jr., 20, Armona, Calif.; Pfc. Brandon M. Styer, 19, Lancaster, Penn.; Spc. Daniel C. Lawson, 33, Deerfield Beach, Fla.; Spc. Jesus O. Flores Jr., 28, La Mirada, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Glen H. Stivison Jr., 34, Blairsville, Penn.; Staff Sgt. Chris N. Staats, 32, Fredericksburg, Texas; Spc. Anthony G. Green, 28, Matthews, N.C.; Sgt. Christopher M. Rudzinski, 28, Rantoul, Ill.; Spc. Michael A. Dahl Jr., 23, Moreno Valley, Calif.; Lance Cpl. David Raymond Baker, 22, Painesville, Ohio; Spc. Kyle A. Coumas, 22, Lockeford, Calif.; Spc. Eric N. Lembke, 25, Tampa, Fla.; Pfc. Kimble A. Han, 30, Lehi, Utah; Pfc. Devin J. Michel, 19, Stockton, Ill.; Sgt. Eduviges G. Wolf, 24, Hawthorne, Calif.; Spc. Brandon K. Steffey, 23, Sault Sainte Marie, Mich.; Capt. Kyle R. Van De Giesen, 29, North Attleboro, Mass.; Capt. Eric A. Jones, 29, Westchester, N.Y.; Cpl. Gregory M.W. Fleury, 23, Anchorage, Alaska; Capt. David S. Mitchell, 30, Loveland, Ohio; Staff Sgt. Keith R. Bishop, 28, Medford, N.Y.; Sgt. 1st Class David E. Metzger, 32, San Diego, Calif.; Sgt. Nikolas A. Mueller, 26, Little Chute, Wis.; Sgt. Josue E. Hernandez Chavez, 23, Reno, Nev.; Staff Sgt. Shawn H. McNabb, 24, Terrell, Texas; Chief Warrant Officer Niall Lyons, 40, Spokane, Wash.; Chief Warrant Officer Michael P. Montgomery, 36, Savannah, Ga.; Lance Cpl. Cody R. Stanley, 21, Rosanky, Texas; Pfc. Christopher I. Walz, 25, Vancouver, Wash.; Spc. Jared D. Stanker, 22, Evergreen Park, Ill.; Sgt. Patrick O. Williamson, 24, Broussard, La.; Sgt. Issac B. Jackson, 27, Plattsburg, Mo.; Sgt. Dale R. Griffin, 29, Terre Haute, Ind.; Sgt. Fernando Delarosa, 24, Alamo, Texas; Staff Sgt. Luis M. Gonzalez, 27, South Ozone Park, N.Y.; Spc. Robert K. Charlton, 22, Malden, Mo.; Pfc. Brian R. Bates Jr., 20, Gretna, La.; Civilian Frank R. Walker, 66, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Sgt. Cesar B. Ruiz, 26, San Antonio, Texas; Spc. Julian L. Berisford, 25, Benwood, West Va.; Sgt. Benjamin Sherman, 21, Plymouth, Mass.; Sgt. Brandon T. Islip, 23, Richmond, Va.; Spc. Gary L. Gooch Jr., 22, Ocala, Fla.; Spc. Aaron S. Aamot, 22, Custer, Wash.; Sgt. Charles I. Cartwright, 26, Union Bridge, Md.; Lance Cpl. Justin J. Swanson, 21, Anaheim, Calif.; Spc. Christopher J. Coffland, 43, Baltimore, Md.; Lance Cpl. Shawn P. Hefner, 22, Hico, Texas; Spc. Joseph M. Lewis, 26, Terrell, Texas; Sgt. Daniel A. Frazier, 25, Saint Joseph, Mich.; Staff Sgt. John J. Cleaver, 36, Marysville, Wash.; Sgt. James M. Nolen, 25, Alvin, Texas; Pfc. Marcus A. Tynes, 19, Moreno Valley, Calif.; Lance Cpl. Nicholas J. Hand, 20, Kansas City, Mo.; Staff Sgt. Matthew A. Pucino, 34, Cockeysville, Md.; Spc. Jason A. McLeod, 22, Crystal Lake, Ill.; Petty Officer 3rd Class David M. Mudge, 22, Sutherlin, Ore.; Lance Cpl. Jonathan A. Taylor, 22, Jacksonville, Fla.; Sgt. Kenneth R. Nichols Jr., 28, Chrisman, Ill.; Sgt. Elijah J. Rao, 26, Lake Oswego, Ore.; Staff Sgt. Dennis J. Hansen, 31, Panama City, Fla.; Cpl. Xhacob Latorre, 21, Waterbury, Conn.; Tech. Sgt. Anthony C. Campbell Jr., 35, Florence, Ky.; Sgt. Albert D. Ware, 27, Chicago, Ill.; Pfc. Serge Kropov, 21, Hawley, Penn.; Lance Cpl. Omar G. Roebuck, 23, Moreno Valley, Calif.; Staff Sgt. David H. Gutierrez, 35, San Fransico, Calif.; Spc. Jason M. Johnston, 24, Albion, N.Y.; Staff Sgt. Ronald J. Spino, 45, Waterbury, Conn.; Harold Brown Jr., 37, Bolton, Mass.; CIA security officer Scott Michael Roberson, 39, Manchester, Ohio; CIA Operations Officer , 37, Fairfax, Va.; CIA Operations Officer Elizabeth C. Hanson, 30, Rockford, Ill.; Staff Sgt. Anton R. Phillips, 31, Inglewood, Calif.; 2010: Spc. Brian R. Bowman, 24, Crawfordsville, Ind.; Sgt. Joshua A. Lengstorf, 24, Yoncalla, Ore.; Pvt. John P. Dion, 19, Shattuck, Okla.; Senior Airman Bradley R. Smith, 24, Troy, Ill.; Sgt. 1st Class Jason O.B. Hickman, 35, Kingsport, Tenn.; Lance Cpl. Mark D. Juarez, 23, San Antonio, Texas; Lance Cpl. Jacob A. Meinert, 20, Fort Atkinson, Wis.; Cpl. Nicholas K. Uzenski, 21, Tomball, Texas; Caporal Jamie R. Lowe, 21, Johnsonville, Ill.; Staff Sgt. Matthew N. Ingham, 20, Altoona, Penn.; Pfc. Geoffrey A. Whitsitt, 25, Taylors, S.C.; Staff Sgt. Daniel D. Merriweather, 25, Collierville, Tenn.; Sgt. Lucas T. Beachnaw, 23, Lowell, Mich.; Spc. Kyle J. Wright, 22, Romeoville, Ill.; Sgt. Christopher R. Hrbek, 25, Westwood, N.J.; Spc. Robert Donevski, 19, Sun City, Ariz.; Sgt. 1st Class Michael P. Shannon, 52, Canadensis, Penn.; Tech. Sgt. Adam K. Ginett, 29, Knightdale, N.C.; Capt. Paul Pena, 27, San Marcos, Texas; Staff Sgt. Thaddeus S. Montgomery, 29, West Yellowstone, Mont.; Petty Officer 2nd Class Xin Qi, 25, Cordova, Tenn.; Lance Cpl. Jeremy M. Kane, 22, Towson, Md.; Lance Cpl. Timothy J. Poole, 22, Bowling Green, Ky.; Sgt. Daniel M. Angus, 28, Thonotosassa, Fla.; Lance Cpl. Zachary D. Smith, 19, Hornell, N.Y.; Sergent Carlos E. Gill, 25, Fayetteville, N.C.; Sgt. David J. Smith, 25, Frederick, Md.; Staff Sgt. Rusty H. Christian, 24, Greenville, Tenn.; Spc. Marc Paul Decoteau, 19, Waterville Valley, N.H.; Capt. David J. Thompson, 39, Hooker, Okla.; Lance Cpl. Michael L. Freeman Jr., 21, Fayetteville, PA; Capt. Daniel Whitten, 28, Grimes, Iowa; Pfc. Zachary G. Lovejoy, 20, Albuquerque, N.M.; Staff Sgt. Mark A. Stets, 39, El Cajon, Calif.; Sgt. 1st Class Matthew S. Sluss-Tiller, 35, Callettsburg, Ky.; Sgt. 1st Class David J. Hartman, 27, Okinawa, Japan; Sgt. Dillon B. Foxx, 22, Traverse City, Mich.; Pfc. Charles A. Williams, 29, Fair Oaks, Calif.; Sgt. Adam J. Ray, 23, Louisville, Ky.; Spc. J. Pagan Bobby, 23, Austin, Texas; Sgt. Jeremiah T. Wittman, 26, Darby, Mont.; Staff Sgt. John A. Reiners, 24, Lakeland, Fla.; Cpl. Jacob H. Turbet, 21, Canton, Mich.; Pfc. Jason H. Estopinal, 21, Dallas, Ga.; Lance Cpl. Noah M. Pier, 25, Charlotte, N.C.; Pfc. Eric D. Currier, 21, Londonderry, N.H.; Lance Cpl. Alejandro J. Yazzie, 23, Rock Point (Navajo Nation), Ariz.; Petty Officer 1st Class Sean L. Caughman, 43, Fort Worth, Texas; Larry M. Johnson, 19, Scranton, Penn.; Pfc. Kyle J. Coutu, 20, Providence, R.I.; Sgt. Jeremy R. McQueary, 27, Columbus, Ind.; Lance Cpl. Kielin T. Dunn, 19, Chesapeake, Va.; Lance Cpl. Joshua H. Birchfield, 24, Westville, Ind.; Cpl. Gregory S. Stultz, 22, Brazil, Ind.; Staff Sgt. Michael David P. Cardenaz, 29, Corona, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Christopher W. Eckard, 30, Hickory, N.C.; Pfc. JR Robiniol Salvacion, 27, Ewa Beach, Hawaii; Lance Cpl. Adam D. Peak, 25, Florence, Ky.; Lance Cpl. Eric L. Ward, 19, Redmond, Wash.; Lance Cpl. Matthias N. Hanson, 20, Buffalo, Ky.; Sgt. Marcos Gorra, 22, North Bergen, N.J.; Starszy Szeregowy (Pfc.) William S. Ricketts, 27, Corinth, Miss.; Spc. Josiah D. Crumpler, 27, Hillsborough, N.C.; Spc. Matthew D. Huston, 24, Athens, Ga.; Spc. Ian T.D. Gelig, 25, Stevenson Ranch, Calif.; Lance Cpl. Carlos A. Aragon, 19, Orem, Utah; Sergent Vincent L.C. Owens, 21, Fort Smith, Ark.; Lance Cpl. Nigel K. Olsen, 21, Orem, Nev.; Spc. Anthony A. Paci, 30, Rockville, Md.; Spc. Alan N. Dikcis, 21, Niagara Falls, N.Y.; Pvt. Nicholas S. Cook, 19, Hungry Horse, Mont.; Sgt. Jonathan J. Richardson, 24, Bald Knob, Ark.; Pfc. Jason M. Kropat, 25, White Lake, N.Y.; Lance Cpl. Garrett W. Gamble, 20, Sugarland, Texas; Cpl. Jonathan D. Porto, 26, Largo, Fla.; Sgt. 1st Class Glen J. Whetten, 31, Mesa, Ariz.; Gunnery Sgt. Robert L. Gilbert II, 28, Richfield, Ohio; Sgt. Joel D. Clarkson, 23, Fairbanks, Alaska; Chief Petty Officer Adam Lee Brown, 36, Hot Springs, Ark.; Sgt. 1st Class Carlos M. Santos-Silva, 32, Clarksville, Tenn.; Lance Cpl. Justin J. Wilson, 24, Palm City, Fla.; Sgt. Maj. Robert. J. Cottle, 45, Whittier, Calif.; Lance Cpl. Rick. J. Centanni, 19, Yorba Linda, Calif.; Lance Cpl. Jacob A. Ross, 19, Gillette, Wyo.; Lance Cpl. Randy M. Heck, 20, Steubenville, Ohio; Pfc. James L. Miller, 21, Yakima, Wash.; Staff Sgt. Scott W. Brunkhorst, 25, Fayetteville, N.C.; Lt. Miroslav Zilberman, 31, Columbus, Ohio; Lance Cpl. Tyler O. Griffin, 19, Voluntown, Conn.; Sgt. Frank J.A. World, 25, Buffalo, N.Y.; Lance Cpl. Curtis M. Swenson, 20, Rochester, Minn.; Sgt. Roberto E. Diaz Borio, 47, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Pfc. Jonathon D. Hall, 23, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Maj. Randell D. Voas, 43, Lakeville, Minn.; Senior Master Sgt. James B. Lackey, 45, Green Clove Springs, Fla.; Cpl. Michael D. Jankiewicz, 23, Ramsey, N.J.; Sgt. Sean M. Durkin, 24, Aurora, Colo.; Spc. Joseph T. Caron, 21, Tacoma, Wash.; Sgt. Michael K. Ingram Jr., 23, Monroe, Mich.; Sgt. Randolph A. Sigley, 28, Richmond, Ky.; Sgt. Robert J. Barrett, 21, Fall River, Mass.; Sgt. Maj. John K. Laborde, 53, Waterloo, Iowa; Sgt. Jason A. Santora, 25, Farmingville, N.Y.; Sgt. Ronald A. Kubik, 21, Brielle, N.J.; Sgt. Grant A. Wichmann, 27, Golden, Colo.; Sgt. Nathan P. Kennedy, 27, Claysville, Penn.; Lance Cpl. Thomas E. Rivers Jr., 22, Birmingham, Ala.; 1st Lt. Salvatore S. Corma, 24, Wenonah, N.J.; Spc. Eric M. Finniginam, 26, Colonia, Federated States of Micronesia; Master Sgt. Mark W. Coleman, 0, Centerville, Wash.; Airman 1st Class Austin H. Gates Benson, 19, Hellertown, Penn.; 1st Lt. Brandon A. Barrett, 27, Marion, Ind.; Lance Cpl. Christopher Rangel, 22, San Antonio, Texas; Lance Cpl. Richard R. Penny, 21, Fayetteville, Ark.; Spc. Wade A. Slack, 21, Waterville, Maine; Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Davis, 19, Perry, Iowa; Capt. Kyle A. Comfort, 27, Jacksonville, Ala.; Spc. Jeremy L. Brown, 20, McMinnville, Tenn.; Cpl. Kurt S. Shea, 21, Frederick, Md.; Sgt. Kenneth B. May Jr., 26, Kilgore, Texas; Cpl. Jeffery W. Johnson, 21, Tomball, Texas; Sgt. Donald J. Lamar II, 23, Fredericksburg, Va.; Sgt. Joshua D. Desforges, 23, Ludlow, Mass.; Spc. Denis D. Kisseloff, 45, Saint Charles, Mo.; Petty Officer Zarian Wood, 29, Houston, Texas; Staff Sgt. Adam L. Perkins, 27, Antelope, Calif.; Pfc. Billy G. Anderson, 20, Alexandria, Tenn.; Cpl. Nicholas D. Paradarodriguez, 29, Stafford, Va.; Col. John M. McHugh, 46, West Caldwell, N.J.; Lt. Col. Paul R. Bartz, 43, Waterloo, Wis.; Lt. Col. Thomas P. Belkofer, 44, Perrysburg, Ohio; Staff Sgt. Richard J. Tieman, 28, Waynesboro, Penn.; Spc. Joshua A. Tomlinson, 24, Dubberly, La.; Lance Cpl. Patrick Xavier Jr., 24, Pembroke Pines, Fla.; Lance Cpl. Philip P. Clark, 19, Gainesville, Fla.; Staff Sgt. Shane S. Barnard, 38, Desmet, S.D.; Pfc. Jason D. Fingar, 24, Columbia, Mo.; Pfc. Christopher R. Barton, 22, Concord, N.C.; Sgt. Edwin Rivera, 28, Waterford, Conn.; Cpl. Jacob C. Leicht, 24, College Station, Texas

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