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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama's Weekly Address: 1/31/09

In his weekly address, President Barack Obama announced that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is preparing a new strategy for reviving our financial system, and urged the swift passage of an American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.

"This morning I'd like to talk about some good news and some bad news as we confront our economic crisis.

The bad news is well known to Americans across our country as we continue to struggle through unprecedented economic turmoil. Yesterday we learned that our economy shrank by nearly 4 percent from October through December. That decline was the largest in over a quarter century, and it underscores the seriousness of the economic crisis that my administration found when we took office.

Already the slowdown has cost us tens of thousands of jobs in January alone. And the picture is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Make no mistake, these are not just numbers. Behind every statistic there's a story. Many Americans have seen their lives turned upside down. Families have been forced to make painful choices. Parents are struggling to pay the bills. Patients can't afford care. Students can't keep pace with tuition. And workers don't know whether their retirement will be dignified and secure.

The good news is that we are moving forward with a sense of urgency equal to the challenge. This week the House passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, which will save or create more than 3 million jobs over the next few years. It puts a tax cut into the pockets of working families, and places a down payment on America's future by investing in energy independence and education, affordable health care, and American infrastructure.

Now this recovery plan moves to the Senate. I will continue working with both parties so that the strongest possible bill gets to my desk. With the stakes so high we simply cannot afford the same old gridlock and partisan posturing in Washington. It's time to move in a new direction.

Americans know that our economic recovery will take years -- not months. But they will have little patience if we allow politics to get in the way of action, and our economy continues to slide. That's why I am calling on the Senate to pass this plan, so that we can put people back to work and begin the long, hard work of lifting our economy out of this crisis. No one bill, no matter how comprehensive, can cure what ails our economy. So just as we jumpstart job creation, we must also ensure that markets are stable, credit is flowing, and families can stay in their homes.

Last year Congress passed a plan to rescue the financial system. While the package helped avoid a financial collapse, many are frustrated by the results -- and rightfully so. Too often taxpayer dollars have been spent without transparency or accountability. Banks have been extended a hand, but homeowners, students, and small businesses that need loans have been left to fend on their own.

And adding to this outrage, we learned this week that even as they petitioned for taxpayer assistance, Wall Street firms shamefully paid out nearly $20 billion in bonuses for 2008. While I'm committed to doing what it takes to maintain the flow of credit, the American people will not excuse or tolerate such arrogance and greed. The road to recovery demands that we all act responsibly, from Main Street to Washington to Wall Street.

Soon my Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, will announce a new strategy for reviving our financial system that gets credit flowing to businesses and families. We'll help lower mortgage costs and extend loans to small businesses so they can create jobs. We'll ensure that CEOs are not draining funds that should be advancing our recovery. And we will insist on unprecedented transparency, rigorous oversight, and clear accountability -- so taxpayers know how their money is being spent and whether it is achieving results.

Rarely in history has our country faced economic problems as devastating as this crisis. But the strength of the American people compels us to come together. The road ahead will be long, but I promise you that every day that I go to work in the Oval Office I carry with me your stories, and my administration is dedicated to alleviating your struggles and advancing your dreams.

You are calling for action. Now is the time for those of us in Washington to live up to our responsibilities."

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Friday, January 30, 2009

A True American Hero

Angry Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill wants salary cap on employees of firms getting bailout money and expresses the public anger at Wall Street for losing people's retirement savings while doling out executive bonuses and raking in billions from taxpayer-funded bailouts.

Senator's move comes day after President Obama slammed executive bonuses."They don't get it. These people are idiots," senator says of execs.The executive compensation Bill would cap execs' pay at $400,000, the amount President Obama earns respectfully.

This lady could become the first female president in 2016. She is awesome.

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Thank You Barack Obama


I came across this article today, read it, and realized that Barack Obama is a more brilliant manager and strategist that we even imagined. He once joked that he was from Krypton, the son of Jor-el, sent here to save the Planet. He may have revealed himself to us. His goal in this election was to get a filibuster proof Senate majority of 60. He has 58, and it looks like Al Franken will make it 59 in Minnesota. So what does our President decide to do? Read the article first and you'll see what I mean:

Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Republican Senator Judd Gregg said he is being considered to lead President Barack Obama's Commerce Department.

I am aware that my name is one of those being considered by the White House for secretary of commerce and am honored to be considered, along with others, for the position,” Gregg said in an e-mailed statement. “Beyond that there is nothing more I can say at this time.

If Gregg is chosen and he accepts, New Hampshire’s Democratic Governor John Lynch could appoint his replacement. If Democrat Al Franken prevails in the disputed Minnesota race that he now leads, the party would hold a 60-vote majority in the Senate, enough to shut off filibusters that can delay legislation indefinitely.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said that, when he talked to Obama this morning about the commerce nomination, “a final decision had not been made.

Gregg, 61, a former governor of New Hampshire and former chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, was elected to a third term in 2004. He would be Obama’s third Republican Cabinet appointment. Ray LaHood, a former Republican congressman from Illinois, was appointed to lead the Department of Transportation, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates is a holdover from the Bush administration.

Read entire article

The man is Brilliant! He endured dinner with those conservative columnists (can you imaging ANYTHING more boring?), meetings at the White House with so-called Republican honchos, a personal visit to Senate offices, anything, to prove his commitment to a bipartisan government. He got stonewalled -- NOT A SINGLE VOTE! Then, to show he bore them no ill will, he threw a cocktail party. So, instead of selecting the perceived favorite, Symantec Corp. CEO John Thompson, Obama is deep in thought and meditation:
"Barack, Jor-el suggests replacing Bill Richardson with a Republican, specifically Judd Gregg. You will be demonstrating continued effort to work with the other side. Then convince Gov. Lynch to appoint a Democrat, and NOT a Republican simply because Gregg is his friend. You have your 60 Senate seats with the support of the Media and the American people."
I appreciate Obama's support of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, his $500 credit against Social Security payroll deduction, his increasing Federal spending on education by 3X, his extended coverage to the unemployed, his strong support for labor unions, all in the first week of his administration, demonstrates a dedication I have not seen from any president in my lifetime, and I remember Truman. He has done everything he could to get the cooperation of the other party.

Now, in basketball terms, it's time to run it down their throats. He must pass whatever legislation will result in fairness and equity for the middle class, limit bailout salaries to equal to his own, and legalizing Industrial Hemp. It will not only revitalize this country's economy, it will spur a new era of prosperity not seen in this country in decades. It will enable us to help feed the world. Here is the evidence:
SAVING AMERICA. (Please take some time to visit this site)

My Final Thought

This nation owes President Obama a deep debt of gratitude. We never dreamed during the eight horrible years under Bush, that a man with the name of Barack Hussein Obama would come along and single handedly defeat the powerful Clinton machine, then not only defeat the Republican candidate for President, but have the seemingly all-powerful Republican Party hanging by their fingernails on the brink of political impotency. It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

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Obama Smarter and Tougher than Republican Foes

Obama Speaks, Boehner Listens

As Barack Obama made a supreme extra effort to bring Republicans into the fold for a true bi-partisan plan to plug the dike in this failing economy, the Republicans, under the "leadership" of the Emperor of Evil, John Boehner, and Rush "Oxycontin" Limbaugh, have accused the President of loading his Stimulus Package with programs that will remain for years and guarantee a Democratic majority for the future. They also accuse him of making subtle but huge policy changes, and say he is redistributing money to the poor. Well, it's about time someone did.

What did Obama really do? He simply formulated a plan to slowly dig us out of this mess the Republicans created and presented it to them. His intent was not to create further division, but to work together for the good of the American people. The only goal of the Republican Party is to play politics, protect corporate and wealthy interests, and to embarrass Obama. NOT ONE REPUBLICAN STOOGE VOTED FOR THE STIMULUS PLAN! NOT ONE!
They played right into his hands.

So, Obama has tripled the Education budget, made significant changes to the tax code, and expanded unemployment insurance in only his first week in office. His commitment to change is real and making a lot of Repugs very uncomfortable. Obama's brilliant strategy of attempting to bring them into the fold has demonstrated to the media and the people that he means what he says. The NO VOTE comedy has resulted in the media praising Obama's bi-partisanship and the people scorning the non-cooperation of the Republicans.
Boehner and Limburger have never looked worse.

Obama will now move forward with his agenda, knowing that he has the support of the people and the media, and that he has successfully demonstrated that the Democrats must go it alone to restore America's place in the world. He has completely outsmarted the Republican suits and now will move on with his agenda, having demonstrated that CHANGE is not a word, but a movement that has left the Republican Party in ashes. It couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of reprobates.

Brillliant, Mr. President.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here's Your Miracle, President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

First I want to congratulate you on your historical victory and to thank you for sticking to your word and making a concerted effort to bring about a bi-partisan approach to government. Unfortunately, the Republican Party through its Emperor of Evil, John Boehner, again displayed its contempt for the American people by not giving one single vote in support of your Stimulus Package. That demonstrates that their commitment to the American people is non-existent.

Now I am sitting here watching financial guru Jim Cramer ranting about how this Stimulus Package is too small and that you don't realize the depths to which this economy has fallen. He may be right, he may be wrong -- we'll see. We all agree that you are facing a monumental task, one that perhaps exceed that which any President ever faced. Most people say you need a Miracle.

Here is the gist of another article I read: "Over the last 20 years, America has degenerated into a nation of consumers, with 72 percent of Gross Domestic Product now being accounted for by consumer spending—most of it going for things that are produced overseas and shipped here. That is not an economic model that is sustainable, and it is a model that has just suffered what is certainly a mortal blow."

A Miracle is Needed

A man is lying in the street barely breathing, the result of a heart attack. The paramedics arrive, and upon seeing that he is almost gone, jam the needle into his heart in a last-ditch attempt to save him. In my opinion and experience, this is not the time to try to fix our economy a step at a time, we simply don't have that luxury. We need our own Needle, NOW . . . and we have it. The question is, Mr. President, do YOU have the courage to use it? If you do, I promise you that you will brought about the Miracle we needed to not only turn around, but make our economy surge.

LEGALIZE INDUSTRIAL HEMP and allow the ingenuity of the American people to take over. As I am sure you are aware, in 1938, Popular Mechanics Magazine declared that Hemp was the "next billion dollar industry" and a boon for farmers across America. However, the corporate influence of men like Hearst and DuPont stepped in. The Marijuana Tax Act is passed and forbids hemp farming in the US. Dupont files a patent for nylon and Hearst spreads horrible negative propaganda through his national network of newspapers.

Legalized hemp would help the following industries:

Farming - In 1938, Popular Mechanics Magazine declared that Hemp was the next billion dollar industry and a boon for farmers across America. However, the corporate influence of men like Hearst and DuPont stepped in. The Marijuana Tax Act is passed and forbids hemp farming in the US. Dupont files a patent for nylon.

In 1991, Willie Nelson issued a plea to America to come to its senses and legalize Industrial Hemp, a product that was mandatory for the farmers of the Colonies, and for which the United States Government made a movie entitled, "Hemp for Victory". That was eighteen (18) years ago! Why is it STILL illegal? To protect the financial corporate interests of the textile, petrochemical, and lumber (paper) industries. How long will America stand for corporate America sticking it to the little guy?


Hemp, Nature's Perfect Plant

Industrial hemp is an incredible resource. Hemp is harvested for its fibers for hemp clothing and seeds for hemp oil. With a relatively short growth cycle of 100-120 days, it is an efficient and economical crop for farmers to grow, however, industrial hemp cannot be commercially grown in the United States because it is erroneously confounded with marijuana. In fact, industrial hemp and marijuana are different breeds of Cannabis sativa. Smoking large amounts of hemp flowers can produce a headache but not a high!

A few years back, only TWO (2) state senators voted for the legalization of hemp. One was Barack Obama. NOW IS THE TIME!

Auto Industry
- Your efforts to allow states to set their own emissions limits have already been met with opposition from the Auto Industry. These arrogant automakers have taken billions in corporate welfare known as the "bailout" and still don't get it. There is so much that can be done with hemp in the auto industry it is truly amazing. From building cars out of hemp to driving them on fuel from hemp, the world is open to America to use its ingenuity.

Here is why General Motors does not deserve ANY help whatsoever. NONE. Mr. President, How would you like Americans to have a car that runs for the equivalent of 60 cents a gallon? That we can "gas up" in our own garage? That has zero emissions and is super easy to repair and maintain? General Motors made and sold such a car in the late 1990s. They produced and leased out 200 of them. One was to Tom Hanks who loved it so much he wanted to extend or renew his lease. They refused, called in all of the cars, and destroyed them. In fact, the auto industry is calling in all electric cars and shredding them as we speak. Here is the proof:

In 1942, Henry Ford assembled a car out of plastic made from hemp:

Here is an example of more American ingenuity:

Hemp Powered Car Debuts in Washington

Construction and Housing - We can learn a lot from a lady in France who builds 300 homes per year using "hemp cement" which is stronger yet six (6) times lighter than regular cement.

Medical - "In 1860 the Ohio State Medical Society concurred with Biblical scholars that 'the gall and vinegar or myrrhed wine offered to our saviour immediately before his crucifixion was a preparation of Indian hemp." - Chris Bennett Green Gold


List of some medical uses of Cannabis hemp with dates mentioned, and source, if available.



ASTHMA (phthisis) 1922
GLAUCOMA (eye pressure)
GOUT 1854
HYPERTENSION (high blood pressure)
MENOPAUSE (headaches) 1922
MIGRAINE (treatment & prevention) 1922 1890
PAIN RELIEF (nervous disturbance) CHRONIC PAIN
SEXUAL IMPOTENCE (not organic) 1922
SLEEP AID (insomnia)
1922 1930 1890
SPASM OF THE BLADDER (cystitis) 1922


STRESS REDUCER (general tonic)
STROKE (Protective from damage) 1998


TETANUS (or lock-jaw) 1838
TREMORS (Paralysis agitans) 1922

Remember this quote, Mr. President?

Trucking - Legalizing hemp would revitalize the trucking industry as jobs will be created for the transport and delivery of all types of hemp products from clothing to food to farming. It would be a tremendous boost to the industry and is a necessary move at this time.

Alternative to Oil - The thought of hemp production as a cheap alternative to oil and gas is appealing because it can be converted to "biomass" that is, in turn, converted to energy. "Biomass can be converted to methane, methanol or gasoline at a fraction of the current cost of oil, coal or nuclear energy," Jack Herer, a longtime hemp activist and author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes," said. In his book, he says, "Hemp stems are 80 percent hurds" (pulp byproduct after the hemp fiber is removed from the plant). Hemps hurds are 77 percent cellulose - a primary chemical feed stock (industrial raw material) used in the production of chemicals, plastics and fibers ... an acre of full-grown hemp plants can provide from 50 to 100 times the cellulose found in cornstalks, kenaf or sugar cane."

According to Herer's research, "Farming only 6 percent of the continental U.S. acreage with biomass [from hemp] crops would provide all of Americans' gas and oil energy needs, ending dependence upon fossil fuels." Think about that! If we would just farm only 6% of our available acreage, we would end our dependency upon foreign countries!"

He added, "Each acre of hemp would yield 1,000 gallons of methanol. Fuels from hemp, along with the recycling of paper, etc., would be enough to run America virtually without oil." Herer explained the versatility of hemp by saying, "It can be grown in virtually any climate or soil condition on Earth, even marginal ones."

Energy - The thought of hemp production as a cheap alternative to oil and gas is appealing because it can be converted to "biomass" that is, in turn, converted to energy. "Biomass can be converted to methane, methanol or gasoline at a fraction of the current cost of oil, coal or nuclear energy," Jack Herer, a longtime hemp activist and author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes," said. In his book, he says, "Hemp stems are 80 percent hurds" (pulp byproduct after the hemp fiber is removed from the plant). Hemps hurds are 77 percent cellulose - a primary chemical feed stock (industrial raw material) used in the production of chemicals, plastics and fibers ... an acre of full-grown hemp plants can provide from 50 to 100 times the cellulose found in cornstalks, kenaf or sugar cane."

  • Hemp grown for the production of biomass fuels can provide all of our gas, oil and coal energy needs and end dependency on fossil fuels.

  • Hemp results in a 95.5% fuel-to-feed ratio when used for pyrolysis the thermochemical process that converts organic matter into fuel.

  • Biomass has heating value of up to 8,000 BTU/lb., with virtually no residual sulphur or ash during combustion.

  • Biomass fuels offer a clean alternative to fossil fuels. No sulphur oxides are released, either during pyrolysis or combustion. A closed CO2 system is created. According to Stanley Manahan, «Environmental Chemistry », biomass fuels would not result in any net CO2 being added to the atmosphere.

  • Hemp is the #1 producer of biomass per acre in the world.

Textiles - People made hemp fabric thousands of years before the advent of written language. Hemp ropes and sails were the backbone of the sailing ship's service to people for 6,000 years. Betsy Ross made the first flag of the United States of America out of the finest, strongest fiber available, hemp fabric. According to HEMPTECH in Industrial Hemp, 1995, the manufacture of textiles is the third largest industry in the world. In 1938, hemp was used to producemore than 5,000 textile products.

"It is also said that the finest laces of the olden days were always made of hemp in preference to any other fiber." - Herndon, p.154.

Hemp makes great clothing, linens, lace, upholstery material, rugs, strapping, fire hose, sailcloth and canvas. Fabrics made from hemp are more insulating, softer, stronger, more water absorbent and last many times longer than cotton. This amazing plant fiber holds its shape as well as polyester, but "breathes" and is biodegradable because it is a completely natural fiber. It has been valued for its durability since before recorded history.

Hemp can be woven as coarse as burlap, smooth as silk, or intricate as lace. The canvas sails on thousands of years of ships and covers for the covered wagons were all made of hemp. The quality of this natural fiber has yet to be surpassed. This natural cycle of life can be used by the entire world, greatly reducing our foreign aid as nations prosper with hemp. Over the 1800's, hemp was gradually replaced by cheaper foreign fibers. By the 1930's, we as a nation were so far removed from the natural cycle of hemp, that people believed the lie (by our own government, of course) that hemp was some new killer weed with their made up name of marijuana.

One of the major reasons for ending hemp prohibition is that hemp can replace cotton as the nation's primary fiber. From The Emperor: "Finally, it must be noted that approximately 50% of all chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, etc.) used in American agriculture today are used in cotton growing. Hemp needs no chemicals, has virtually no weed or insect enemies -except for the U.S. Government and the DEA."

It is one of the major challenges of this decade that we find alternatives to the poisons of the synthetic society. The EPA Superfund cleanup program for a fraction of the toxic dumps in our country may cost as much as one trillion dollars. These chemicals, many of which are persistent in the environment, have poisoned our earth, our water, our food and ourselves. To be able to get rid of half of these agricultural poisons by replacing cotton with hemp, would be a major environmental miracle

World Hunger -

"Among the greatest harms of 'marijuana' prohibition have been the radical food insecurity and malnutrition that afflict the world, as the result of imposing scarcity of industrial hemp. Because hemp is the only common seed with three essential fatty acids, it s both unique and essential. Unique and essential natural resources have never been within the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Now that global climate change is a widely recognized threat, perhaps the climate-mitigation potential of Cannabis agriculture will be seriously considered" - P.E.A.C.E.

Even this guy knows the value and importance of Hemp to the American people:

National Security - Thomas Jefferson said it long ago and it still applies today.

Thomas was not just whistling "Dixie". In World War II, there was a shortage of hemp in the United States which was seriously affecting the war effort. The United States government, in a desperate attempt to encourage American farmers to grow hemp so we could have canvas, rope, etc., produced the following movie called "Hemp for Victory". I firmly believe that this statement from the United States Department of Agriculture is all the justification you need for legalizing industrial hemp and decriminalizing marijuana, which in itself, would free up our justice system and take possession of this medicinal herb out of the courts, returning many deserving people to their families and jobs and decreasing our unjustified prison population.

Here is the movie:

: You may need this in America but will be hailed around the world. I'm aware that you would face some initial opposition from the religious right on this so I've done some homework:

Cannabis Hemp is one of the many blessings that God gave to man as stated at Genesis 1:11 and Genesis 1:29, and we are commanded to appreciate and to use all of God's creations as long as it is received with thanks, as stated at 1 Timothy 4:4.

At Exodus 30:22-25, God gives the recipe to Moses for holy anointing oil. One of the key ingredients of this oil is cannabis hemp. The Hebrew word Keneh-bosem is mistranslated as sweet calamus, aromatic cane or sweet cane. Evidently, the bible translators are trying to hide the fact that this is marijuana.

This oil was smeared or sprinkled on everything holy such as the priest, the tent post and everything that was put on the altar as a burnt offering. Whenever it was burned, as the smoke ascended into heaven, thus; the prayers of those seeking atonement for their sins became a restful odor to God as stated at Exodus 29:18.

In the New Testament, this same oil was used to anoint Jesus before his crucifiction at Matthew 26:7-12, Mark 14:3-9, Luke 7:37-38, Mark 7:46, John 11:2 and John 12:3-5 shows that Jesus was covered with it from head to toe.

This same oil was used by the Disciples to heal the sick and to cast out demons at James 5:14, Mark 6:13 and Luke 10:34.

At Revelations 22:2, it states that the leaves from the Tree of Life will cure the nations. This is the same tree that is talked about in Genesis 3:22; that if you partake of this tree, that the devils control will be lifted from you and can lead you in the direction of everlasting life. Furthermore; the word Christ means the anointed one and the word Christians means those who are anointed with holy anointing oil.

see: Barbara Villard

Anyway you look at it, making this gift of nature legal is the right thing to do for the country at this time in our history. To not do so may well be financially disastrous. To summarize, Mr. President, just one simple stroke of your pen, the legalization of industrial hemp, will save the United States economy, revitalize several industries at once, and restore our country to its former greatness. I wish you success.

The Candid Blogger

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Emperor of Evil

John Boehner - Working Against the President

As Barack Obama takes over the office of the Presidency, our economy lies in shambles, the result of eight (8) years of mismanagement, policies favoring only corporations and the very rich, and an outright disdain for the comfort and security of the American people led by the antiquated Republican Party.

These same Republicans, led by the Darth Vader of this era, John Boehner, have decided to block Obama's attempts at bi-partisanship so he can "fail" in the immortal words of Mr. Oxycontin himself, Rush Limburger. Should Obama fail due to the lack of cooperation of the Republican Party who criticize his plan (as if they are experts with a plan of their own), they hope to discredit the man whom the American people have entrusted to get us out of this economic mess.

Who is Republican leader John Boehner? On the Budget and Economy, He
  • Voted NO on defining "energy emergency" on federal gas prices. (Jun 2008)
  • Voted NO on regulating the subprime mortgage industry. (Nov 2007)
  • Voted YES on restricting bankruptcy rules. (Jan 2004)
  • Supports balanced budget amendment & line item veto. (Sep 1994)

Civil Rights
  • Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation. (Nov 2007)
  • Voted YES on Constitutionally defining marriage as one-man-one-woman. (Jul 2006)
  • Voted YES on making the PATRIOT Act permanent. (Dec 2005)
  • Voted YES on Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage. (Sep 2004)
  • Voted YES on protecting the Pledge of Allegiance. (Sep 2004)
  • Voted YES on constitutional amendment prohibiting flag desecration. (Jun 2003)
  • Voted YES on banning gay adoptions in DC. (Jul 1999)
  • Voted YES on ending preferential treatment by race in college admissions. (May 1998)
  • Supports anti-flag desecration amendment. (Mar 2001)
  • Rated 7% by the ACLU, indicating an anti-civil rights voting record. (Dec 2002)
  • Rated 0% by the HRC, indicating an anti-gay-rights stance. (Dec 2006)
  • Rated 28% by the NAACP, indicating an anti-affirmative-action stance. (Dec 2006)

  • Voted NO on allowing stockholder voting on executive compensation. (Apr 2007)
  • Voted YES on replacing illegal export tax breaks with $140B in new breaks. (Jun 2004)
  • Voted YES on Bankruptcy Overhaul requiring partial debt repayment. (Mar 2001)
  • Rated 100% by the US COC, indicating a pro-business voting record. (Dec 2003)

  • Voted NO on expanding services for offendors' re-entry into society. (Nov 2007)
  • Voted NO on funding for alternative sentencing instead of more prisons. (Jun 2000)
  • Voted YES on more prosecution and sentencing for juvenile crime. (Jun 1999)
  • Voted NO on maintaining right of habeas corpus in Death Penalty Appeals. (Mar 1996)
  • Voted YES on making federal death penalty appeals harder. (Feb 1995)
  • Voted NO on replacing death penalty with life imprisonment. (Apr 1994)
  • Rated 30% by CURE, indicating anti-rehabilitation crime votes. (Dec 2000)
  • Require DNA testing for all federal executions. (Mar 2001)
  • More prison cells; more truth in sentencing. (Nov 1993)
  • More prisons, more enforcement, effective death penalty. (Sep 1994)

  • Voted NO on military border patrols to battle drugs & terrorism. (Sep 2001)
  • Voted YES on prohibiting needle exchange & medical marijuana in DC. (Oct 1999)
  • Voted NO on subjecting federal employees to random drug tests. (Sep 1998)
  • Rated -30 by NORML, indicating a "hard-on-drugs" stance. (Dec 2006)

  • Voted NO on additional $10.2B for federal education & HHS projects. (Nov 2007)
  • Voted NO on allowing Courts to decide on "God" in Pledge of Allegiance. (Jul 2006)
  • Voted NO on $84 million in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges. (Mar 2006)
  • Voted YES on allowing school prayer during the War on Terror. (Nov 2001)
  • Voted YES on requiring states to test students. (May 2001)
  • Voted YES on allowing vouchers in DC schools. (Aug 1998)
  • Voted YES on vouchers for private & parochial schools. (Nov 1997)
  • Voted YES on giving federal aid only to schools allowing voluntary prayer. (Mar 1994)
  • Supports requiring schools to allow prayer. (Jan 2001)
  • Rated 17% by the NEA, indicating anti-public education votes. (Dec 2003)
  • Supports a Constitutional Amendment for school prayer. (May 1997

  • Voted NO on overriding presidential veto of Farm Bill. (Jun 2008)
  • Voted NO on restricting employer interference in union organizing. (Mar 2007)
  • Voted NO on increasing minimum wage to $7.25. (Jan 2007)
  • Voted YES on end offshore tax havens and promote small business. (Oct 2004)
  • Voted YES on $167B over 10 years for farm price supports. (Oct 2001)
  • Voted YES on zero-funding OSHA's Ergonomics Rules instead of $4.5B. (Mar 2001)
  • Rated 7% by the AFL-CIO, indicating an anti-union voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • Incentives to businesses create jobs & raise wages. (Sep 1994)

Energy and Oil:
  • Voted NO on tax incentives for energy production and conservation. (May 2008)
  • Voted NO on tax incentives for renewable energy. (Feb 2008)
  • Voted NO on investing in homegrown biofuel. (Aug 2007)
  • Voted NO on criminalizing oil cartels like OPEC. (May 2007)
  • Voted NO on removing oil & gas exploration subsidies. (Jan 2007)
  • Voted NO on keeping moratorium on drilling for oil offshore. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted YES on scheduling permitting for new oil refinieries. (Jun 2006)
  • Voted YES on authorizing construction of new oil refineries. (Oct 2005)
  • Voted YES on passage of the Bush Administration national energy policy. (Jun 2004)
  • Voted YES on implementing Bush-Cheney national energy policy. (Nov 2003)
  • Voted NO on raising CAFE standards; incentives for alternative fuels. (Aug 2001)
  • Voted NO on prohibiting oil drilling & development in ANWR. (Aug 2001)
  • Voted NO on starting implementation of Kyoto Protocol. (Jun 2000)
  • Rated 0% by the CAF, indicating opposition to energy independence. (Dec 2006)

  • Voted NO on giving mental health full equity with physical health. (Mar 2008)
  • Voted NO on Veto override: Extend SCHIP to cover 6M more kids. (Jan 2008)
  • Voted NO on adding 2 to 4 million children to SCHIP eligibility. (Oct 2007)
  • Voted NO on requiring negotiated Rx prices for Medicare part D. (Jan 2007)
  • Voted YES on denying non-emergency treatment for lack of Medicare co-pay. (Feb 2006)
  • Voted YES on limiting medical malpractice lawsuits to $250,000 damages. (May 2004)
  • Voted YES on limited prescription drug benefit for Medicare recipients. (Nov 2003)
  • Voted NO on allowing reimportation of prescription drugs. (Jul 2003)
  • Voted YES on small business associations for buying health insurance. (Jun 2003)
  • Voted YES on capping damages & setting time limits in medical lawsuits. (Mar 2003)
  • Voted YES on allowing suing HMOs, but under federal rules & limited award. (Aug 2001)
  • Voted YES on subsidizing private insurance for Medicare Rx drug coverage. (Jun 2000)
  • Voted YES on banning physician-assisted suicide. (Oct 1999)
  • Voted YES on establishing tax-exempt Medical Savings Accounts. (Oct 1999)
  • Rated 0% by APHA, indicating a anti-public health voting record. (Dec 2003)

Tax Reform:
  • Voted NO on extending AMT exemptions to avoid hitting middle-income. (Jun 2008)
  • Voted NO on paying for AMT relief by closing offshore business loopholes. (Dec 2007)
  • Voted YES on retaining reduced taxes on capital gains & dividends. (Dec 2005)
  • Voted YES on providing tax relief and simplification. (Sep 2004)
  • Voted YES on making permanent an increase in the child tax credit. (May 2004)
  • Voted YES on permanently eliminating the marriage penalty. (Apr 2004)
  • Voted YES on making the Bush tax cuts permanent. (Apr 2002)
  • Voted YES on $99 B economic stimulus: capital gains & income tax cuts. (Oct 2001)
  • Voted YES on Tax cut package of $958 B over 10 years. (May 2001)
  • Voted YES on eliminating the Estate Tax ("death tax"). (Apr 2001)
  • Voted YES on eliminating the "marriage penalty". (Jul 2000)
  • Voted YES on $46 billion in tax cuts for small business. (Mar 2000)
  • Phaseout the death tax. (Mar 2001)
  • Rated 63% by NTU, indicating "Satisfactory" on tax votes. (Dec 2003)
  • Rated 0% by the CTJ, indicating opposition to progressive taxation. (Dec 2006)
  • Member of the Congressional Flat Tax Caucus. (Nov 2007)
  • Repeal marriage tax; cut middle class taxes. (Sep 1994)


John Boehner is an extreme right-wing Senator with strong corporate and religious beliefs who clearly is out of touch with the needs of the American people in today's world. He is a typical Republican dinosaur who acts only in the best interests of corporations and the very wealthy with complete arrogance and disregard for America. He is a clear example of how far removed from reality the Republican Party has become. It is now the party of Boehner, Limbaugh and Palin. Honest Abe Lincoln must be turning over in his grave.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009 Voters have Spoken

#1 Priority: Legalize Marijuana

Voting on’s “Ideas for Change in America” came to a close today with “Legalize the Medical and Recreational Use of Marijuana” coming in as the most popular idea. The top ten ideas will be presented to President-elect Obama during a press conference on Friday., Obama’s official transition Web site, has twice opened up voting in a similar feature called “Open for Questions.” Each time, a question about marijuana policy reached the top ten. And each time, the transition team brushed off the question by simply stating that “President-elect Obama is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana.” It will be interesting to see how he responds this time, as the question includes medical marijuana, something Obama has been fairly supportive of in the past.

As of 5:00 p.m. today, the marijuana policy question had received 19,530 votes – 4,500 more than “Appoint Secretary of Peace in Department of Peace and Non-Violence,” which came in second on the list. In addition, has opened voting in a new online forum called the “Citizen’s Briefing Book.” “Ending Marijuana Prohibition” is currently the most popular idea.

source: MPP BLOG

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The Government's Unjust War on Marijuana

Legalize Hemp and decriminalize Marijuana. Let's have some common sense.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama's 1st Weekly Address as President

January 24, 2009

Obama addresses the American people on the economy.

In his first weekly address to the nation Saturday, President Barack Obama pressed lawmakers to approve a massive economic stimulus plan within a month, warning that failure to act quickly would bring financial hardship to American families.

Our economy could fall $1 trillion short of its full capacity, which translates into more than $12,000 in lost income for a family of four. And we could lose a generation of potential, as more young Americans are forced to forgo college dreams or the chance to train for the jobs of the future," the president said in wide-ranging speech that the White House released early Saturday.
If we do not act boldly and swiftly," Obama added, "a bad situation could become dramatically worse."

The proposed $825 billion recovery package before Congress is the cornerstone of the new administration's effort to create or save three million to four million jobs over several years and promote long-term economic growth.

In his radio and Internet video address, Obama made a public appeal for the key priorities of the plan, focusing on renewable energy, national security, education, health care and infrastructure.  "
This is not just a short-term program to boost employment," he said. "It's one that will invest in our most important priorities like energy and education; health care and a new infrastructure that are necessary to keep us strong and competitive in the 21st century."

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Issues Order to Close Guantanamo

Bush promised to close it. McCain promised to close it. The Supreme Court wants it closed. Experienced military prosecutors have resigned in protest over the out-of-control abuses and violations of the rule of law there. Now the right wing psychopaths who nearly succeeded in destroying the country by supporting a criminal in the White House are howling because Obama is doing what needs to be done.

Crimes Performed in the Name of America

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bush Leaves White House in Stone Age

We know that George Bush is not the most intelligent man we have had in the White House. In fact, he is sometimes affectionately referred to as The Village Idiot. Well, now we know just how much of an idiot. The Obama staff thought they were hit by a time machine.  They ran into the Dinosaur age of the rotary dial and Pong. Old George must have been listening to "All My Exes are in Texas" on an 8-track!  Here's how it was described:

One member of the White House new-media team came to work on Tuesday, right after the swearing-in ceremony, only to discover that it was impossible to know which programs could be updated, or even which computers could be used for which purposes. The team members, accustomed to working on Macintoshes, found computers outfitted with six-year-old versions of Microsoft software. Laptops were scarce, assigned to only a few people in the West Wing. The team was left struggling to put closed captions on online videos.

No wonder we get outfoxed in foreign affairs. Bush appointed his friends, none of whom were mental giants. Let's read on:

Two years after launching the most technologically savvy presidential campaign in history, Obama officials ran smack into the constraints of the federal bureaucracy yesterday, encountering a jumble of disconnected phone lines, old computer software, and security regulations forbidding outside e-mail accounts.

What does that mean in 21st-century terms? No Facebook to communicate with supporters. No outside e-mail log-ins. No instant messaging. Hard adjustments for a staff that helped sweep Obama to power through, among other things, relentless online social networking.

It is kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari," Obama spokesman Bill Burton said of his new digs.

In many ways, the move into the White House resembled a first day at school: Advisers wandered the halls, looking for their offices. Aides spent hours in orientation, learning such things as government ethics rules as well as how their paychecks will be delivered. And everyone filled out a seemingly endless pile of paperwork.

Read full article.

He not only left Obama an impending Depression, two wars, and dozens of last minute executive orders such as allowing guns in National Parks, but he left the office a mess.  Now Obama will fire all the Liberty College graduates that were appointed to positions for which they were not qualified, solely because they were graduates of the late Jerry Falwell's school.

At Last - The End of the Bush Administration

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