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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hillary Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot . . . AGAIN!

What More Can I Say?

Chair of National Congress of Black Women Speaks Out About Hillary Clinton's Assassination Comment
Statement issued by E. Faye Williams
Chair, National Congress of Black Women

"Let me say up front that I am an Obama supporter in this Presidential Primary, but I have been very careful not to criticize Clinton because I knew that we'd have to work with whichever candidate won this Primary--but after her "assassination" comment today, I have had it with her! I don't buy her apology this time.

First, she apologized to the Kennedy family, but I have heard no apology to the Obama family or to Black people who were initially so concerned about the possibility of assassination that some were initially reluctant to support Senator Obama. I have heard no apology to the Obama children who had to hear the possibility of their father being assassinated!

The comment was totally insensitive no matter what she meant. The context in which she said it can be read no way other than "he could be assassinated and I would be there to step in and take over". I have forgiven all of her blunders, attacks and so-called misunderstood statements, but this latest one is unforgivable. I hope you agree and that you will deal with it appropriately. I don't know about other women, but all of the Black women I've spoken with today are livid!

Keith Olbermann Expresses an Opinion:

No, we can't just keep on taking her at her word, as she gets progressively worse."

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Exaggerators. Who Wins?

Terry McAuliffe or Baghdad Bob

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keith Olberman Speaks Out

The Political Analyst with Courage Dissects George W. Bush

May 14: Countdown’s Keith Olbermann gives a Special Comment on President Bush’s recent Politico interview. Pres. Bush suggested that electing a Democrat as president means “another attack on the United States.” He also shows his empathy for the death of U.S. soldiers… by giving up golf -- but not when he says he did.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Greatest of All-Time Passes the Torch

No, I'm not talking about Michael Jordan. Bill Russell changed the game of basketball forever.

Full Name: William Felton Russell
Born: 2/12/34 in Monroe, La.
High School: McClymonds (Oakland)
College: San Francisco
Drafted: St. Louis Hawks, 1956
Transactions: Draft rights traded to Boston Celtics, 4/29/56
Height: 6-10; Weight: 220 lbs
Honors: Elected to Naismith Basketball Basketball Hall of Fame (1975); NBA champion (1957, '59, '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, '65, '66, '68, '69); NBA MVP (1958, '61, '62, '63, '65); All-NBA First Team (1959, '63, '65); Eight-time All-NBA Second Team; NBA All-Defensive Team (1969); 12-time NBA All-Star (1958-69); All-Star MVP (1963); One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996); Olympic gold medalist (1956).
Complete Bio | Summary

Bill Russell was the cornerstone of the Boston Celtics' dynasty of the 1960s, an uncanny shotblocker who revolutionized NBA defensive concepts. A five-time NBA Most Valuable Player and a 12-time All-Star, the angular center amassed 21,620 career rebounds, an average of 22.5 per game and led the league in rebounding four times. He had 51 boards in one game, 49 in two others and a dozen consecutive seasons of 1,000 or more rebounds.

His many individual accolades were well deserved, but they were only products of Russell's philosophy of team play. His greatest accomplishment was bringing the Celtics 11 championships in his 13 seasons. Russell is still acclaimed by many as the greatest player in the history of the NBA.

Bill Russell Passes the Celtic Torch in a Touching Scene with Kevin Garnett

The Legend

The Greatest Defensive Player of All-Time

1969 - Bill Russell's Final Championship

The Celtics Dynasty

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Women for Obama

Outstanding 20-Minute Video on Women Who Support Obama

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Bill Clinton Argues with West Virginia Voter

"They Promised and They Didn't Deliver"

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hillary Playing Race Card AGAIN in Desperation


Hillary Clinton's campaign, when backed up against the wall, has invoked the "race card" in the past (see prior to New Hampshire campaign) after a stunning loss and, here she goes again:

I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on,” she said in the interview, citing an article by The Associated Press.

It “found how Senator Obama’s support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me.”

There’s a pattern emerging here,” she said.

The pattern is that Hillary hates to lose and will say anything to become the Nominee. Not time, Senator. Do the right thing and bow out gracefully.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Democratic Primary: We Have a Winner

Smashing Obama Victory in North Carolina Ends Clinton Hopes
On Friday, May 2, 2008, Hillary Clinton stated:

"North Carolina will be a game changer"

North Carolina:

OBAMA 890,705 56%
CLINTON 657,943 42%

Fritz Wenzel of Zogby International tells Newsmax that Zogby's polling data shows the Democratic presidential nomination is now a lock for Barack Obama. He explains what Hillary Clinton needed to do was to win convincingly in Indiana and keep it relatively close in North Carolina. She failed to do either. He predicts many superdelegates will come out in the next few days and publicly announce their support for Obama.

The Nominee's Acceptance Speech:

Update: **DRUDGE EXCLUSIVE 8:59 EM ET**: Senator Clinton has made another multi-million dollar loan to her campaign. She gave $6.4M in the past month and will be giving more... Developing... Mrs. Clinton plods on, but all hope of her winning has been mathematically put to rest. It is all over but the shouting. Look for the nominees to complete the primary schedule, with Obama going over the top on May 20.

Late breaking News from Huffington Report:
Gen. Wesley Clark Urging Clinton to Quit the Race

Congratulations America! You FINALLY got it right.

Update: Media in Agreement

ABC’s “Good Morning America”: “End of the Road”

NBC’s “Today”: “Is it Over?”

CBS’ “Early Show”: “Obama’s Big Night”

NBC: Russert repeated his Obama-is-the-nominee line, but hung it on “objective Democrats” rather than his own judgment. Of insiders, said “the obstacles are overwhelming, and they know it.” Russert suggested Obama would help Clinton retire her campaign debt (and pay off Mark Penn’s bills) as part of an exit deal.

Andrea Mitchell: “She is ready to give up.” Cited Ed Rendell as the kind of supporter who might ease her out.

ABC: Stephanopoulos said despite the race going on “this nomination fight is over,” Obama’s lead “can’t be overcome” in elected delegates. Says she’s depending on Oregon, seating full delegations of Michigan, Florida and a “revelation” on the scale of another Rev. Wright controversy to see any sort of comeback.

CBS: Schieffer said the race is “basically” over, question is whether this “demolition derby” continues where they are fighting each other. Suggested dream ticket as a solution. Said she’s meeting with advisers Wednesday, there will be increased pressure on her to drop out.

Clinton strategist/spokesman Howard Wolfson on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” tried to spin Indiana win as “impressive” because she was outspent, said “no question” they have to have a good month. Want to make sure Florida, Michigan are counted, he has “no sense” she’s interested in Veep slot.

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs took a victory lap on “Joe,” called the night “decisive” and said his candidate “took a big step forward.”

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Superdelegates Gained Since Pennsylvania Primary


Who Really Has the Momentum?

-----------UPDATED Standings (5/5)-----------------

New Clinton endorsements:

Tennessee Rep. John Tanner (4/23)
New Hampshire Democractic co-Chair Kathy Sullivan (4/26)
North Carolina Governor (4/28)
Missouri Rep. Ike Skelton.(4/29)
President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, Bill George (4/30)
Puerto Rico, Luisette Cabanas (4/30)
*LOST* - (fmr DNC Chair Joe Andrew (5/1))
President of the Connecticut AFL-CIO, John Olsen (5/1)
NY Attorney General Cuomo (5/1)
NY Comptroller DiNapoli (5/1)
NY former Manhattan Borough President C. (5/1)
NY Virginia Fields and Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo (5/1)
Texas DNC member, Jaime A. Gonzalez Jr. (5/2)
Maryland Former Lt. Gov, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (5/3)

New Obama endorsements:

Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry (4/23)
Assc. Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, Audra Ostergard (4/23)
Oregon Rep. David Wu (4/24)
Chairwoman of the Yuma Democratic Party, Charlene Fernandez (4/26)
NM Senator Jeff Bingaman (4/28)
Paul Kirk Jr. of Massachusetts (4/28)
Ben Chandler from Kentucky (4/29)
Richard Machacek from Iowa (4/29)
Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley (4/30)
Indiana Rep. Baron Hill (4/30)
Calif. Rep. Lois Caps (4/30)
fmr DNC Chair Joe Andrew (5/1)
Chicago, IL Mayor Daley (5/1)
IL House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie (5/1)
Cook County, IL Board President Todd Stroger (5/1)
TX AFL-CIO official, John Patrick (5/1)
South Carolina Former Education Superintendent, Inez Tenenbaum (5/3)
New Mexico Democratic Party Chairman, Brian Colon (5/3)
Maryland Former Gov., Parris Glendening (5/3)
Guam Party vice chair Jaime Paulino (5/4)
OK DNC Kalyn Free (5/5)
MD DNC Chairman Michael Cryor (5/5)
MD DNC Vice chairman Lauren Dugas Glover (5/5)

Obama 23
Hillary 13

Pledged Delegates: Clinton - 1337; Obama - 1491

Super Delegates: Clinton - 269: Obama - 254

Total Delegates: Clinton - 1606; Obama - 1745

Delegates Needed for Victory: Clinton - 419; Obama - 280

Remaining Pledged Delegates: 404

Remaining Super Delegates: 272

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Press Avoids McCain's "Spiritual Guides"

John Hagee Denies Jesus is the Messiah:

John McCain Justifies Accepting Hagee Endorsement:

John McCain's Spiritual Guide: Rod Parsley

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Clinton Revises History to Mislead Indiana Voters

Indiana Voters Scammed Again

We recently posted our expose of Hillary Clinton's John McCain-inspired "Gas Tax Plan" which is really a boon for oil companies and dangerous to America as it takes necessary funds away from highway repairs and endangers national security. Now it seems that Hillary is at it again in her very creative interpretation of the Magnequench fiasco that resulted in 200 Indiana jobs being shipped to China.

While campaigning, she is trying to portray herself as more of a friend of working Americans, and to do so she has had to misrepresent and mislead FREQUENTLY. Trying to get an advantage on Obama in Indiana, she blamed George Bush for not stopping the Magnequench sale to Chinese interests. It seems she omitted some very important facts in misleading Indiana voters:

Magnequench Deal Was Approved by Bill Clinton

A consortium of Chinese companies purchased Magnequench in 1995. Magnequench manufactures rare-earth magnets that are used by the U.S. military in precision-guided "smart bomb" munitions. According to the Department of Defense, 80% of the rare-earth magnets used in production of "smart bombs" came from the Valparaiso facility. The sale required the approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment, chaired by the secretary of the treasury, who at the time was appointed by President Clinton, not Bush.

Even after the U.S. International Trade Commission cited and fined the Chinese consortium with "bad faith" and "harm to to domestic industry," the sale was approved. Ugimag, the Valparaiso factory, was purchased in October 2000, before Bush was sworn into office.

In fact, Evan Bayh criticized President Clinton for his approval of the sale and issued a press release along with Congressman Peter Visclovsky asking President Bush to stop the sale in the interest of national security. Here is that Press Release.

A copy of Evan Bayh's Press Release criticizing President Clinton for his approval of the sale in contradiction to our national security will be available tomorrow, 5/4/08, and will be on this website ASAP.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Empire Strikes Barack

The Force is With Obama

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