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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wingnuts Crawling Out of the Woodwork

Time to "Bare Arms"

Not to be outdone by the threats to the life of the President by Larry Sinclair, Birther Wingnut "attorney", Orly Taitz, has issued her own call to arms. This, from her website:

What is the real intention of this Kenyan, Indonesian communist usurper? Is it to provide security for us or to destroy our security? Judge for yourself.Seeing targeted destruction of our economy, our security, dissipation of American jobs, massive corruption in the Government, Congress Department of Justice and Judiciary, it might be time to start rallies and protests using our second amendment right to bare arms and organise in militias.

Assuming her threat does not mean that she is asking people to take off their shirts or roll up their sleeves, by openly advocating armed revolt, accusing virtually the entire federal government of treason, and using this toxic language against President Obama, she is making it significantly more likely that someone actually will attempt to assassinate him, which is her obvious intention.

I recognize that many of her actions are probably protected by the First Amendment, however, in her capacity as a California attorney, she has violated numerous Rules of Professional Conduct and should, at the very least, be disbarred.

I am hoping that Ms. Taitz and Mr. Sinclair may soon have common visitors -- the FBI.

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  1. one of the commercial ad's is covering up text on this page

  2. Which one? I'll be glad to remove it.

  3. I suspect she is playing word games, saying "bare arms" instead of the actual wording "bear Arms" of the second amendment. F***ing sleaze bag!

  4. At least Oily Titz is infamous enough to have her own page in Wikipedia. That more than what the Fat Ass White Trash Welfare Queen Has! Lard Ass is soooooooooo over. After his Campaign for Congress is officially fails. He will just dry up and fade away like a pile of shit in the desert!


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