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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Clinton Desperate: Plagiarizes, Then Accuses Obama

As Hillary Clinton falls further behind in the pledged delegate count, her desperation and that of her husband, continues. While Bill is pointing his fingers and screaming at hecklers, Hillary is busy "borrowing" lines from Barack Obama's inspirational speeches. She has stolen his phrase: "I'm fired up and ready to go", and "it's time to turn the page". Obama's "Yes We Can" theme has been his inspirational catchphrase that has even been made into a song on the Internet that has received over 14 million views. Not able to deal with this, here is Hillary plagiarizing Obama's theme in Ohio:

Why has Hillary resorted to stealing Obama's lines and themes and then accusing him of plagiarizing a few phrases from his friend, Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts? Let's examime that. Her first theme was "Experience" and the "fact" that she would be ready on Day One. Her experience is illusory. We don't know what she did during her husband's eight years in office. He won't allow the records to be released. We do know that her tactics and secrecy resulted in a failed healthcare plan.

Her legislative accomplishments are, politely, a joke. She has seven years of elected legislative experience to Obama's twelve. Here is an excellent quote from Dick Morris on this subject:

"Her legislative accomplishments in her first term in the Senate were almost entirely symbolic. She renamed a courthouse after Justice Thurgood Marshall. She passed a resolution honoring Alexander Hamilton and another celebrating the win of a Syracuse University lacrosse team. She renamed post offices, founded a national park in Puerto Rico and expressed the sense of the Senate that Harriet Tubman should have gotten a federal pension 150 years ago.

Her only actual legislation included one bill to increase nurse recruitment, another to aid respite time for Alzheimer’s care givers and another to expand veterans’ health benefits, a paltry output for six years’ service.

In her second term, she has spent full-time campaigning for president and has the worst attendance record of the three senators now still in the presidential race.

So who is she kidding? If she wants to hit Obama with a negative based on his inexperience and limited legislative record, she should go right ahead. But to pretend that she is the “solutions” and “answers” person while he gives speeches is absurd.

The MOST IMPORTANT trait the new President must possess is SOUND JUDGMENT. If he or she is going to be ready on Day One, making the right decision the first time is mandatory. Let's examine Hillary's decision-making:

  • She voted for the War in Iraq = bad judgment.
  • She voted for the Bankruptcy Law then said she hoped it wouldn't pass - bad judgment.
  • She supported NAFTA - bad judgment.
  • She won't release her tax records until AFTER she gets the nomination even though Obama and McCain have released theirs - bad judgment.
  • She sat on the Board at Wal-Mart for six years where their lead attorney called union workers "blood-sucking parasites" and did NOTHING to help the workers - bad judgment.
  • She steals Obama's lines and themes, and then attacks him and accuses him of plagiarism - bad judgment.

We can't afford someone who lacks the ability to make sound judgments the FIRST TIME.

So, in utter desperation, she has been stealing ideas from Obama for the past several weeks to the point that my wife brought it up to me and expressed disgust. Here is "Yes We Can" as it was meant to be sung:

If there is one thing we can take from the Clintons recent behavior, it is that they will DO OR SAY ANYTHING to get the nomination. Americans will not be fooled by this old-style down and dirty politics. The Clintons are YESTERDAY'S NEWS. Go Obama.

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