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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hillary Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot . . . AGAIN!

What More Can I Say?

Chair of National Congress of Black Women Speaks Out About Hillary Clinton's Assassination Comment
Statement issued by E. Faye Williams
Chair, National Congress of Black Women

"Let me say up front that I am an Obama supporter in this Presidential Primary, but I have been very careful not to criticize Clinton because I knew that we'd have to work with whichever candidate won this Primary--but after her "assassination" comment today, I have had it with her! I don't buy her apology this time.

First, she apologized to the Kennedy family, but I have heard no apology to the Obama family or to Black people who were initially so concerned about the possibility of assassination that some were initially reluctant to support Senator Obama. I have heard no apology to the Obama children who had to hear the possibility of their father being assassinated!

The comment was totally insensitive no matter what she meant. The context in which she said it can be read no way other than "he could be assassinated and I would be there to step in and take over". I have forgiven all of her blunders, attacks and so-called misunderstood statements, but this latest one is unforgivable. I hope you agree and that you will deal with it appropriately. I don't know about other women, but all of the Black women I've spoken with today are livid!

Keith Olbermann Expresses an Opinion:

No, we can't just keep on taking her at her word, as she gets progressively worse."

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  1. She's just sensitive about the assination possiblity, at least since her husband was blown


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