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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Monday, May 5, 2008

Superdelegates Gained Since Pennsylvania Primary


Who Really Has the Momentum?

-----------UPDATED Standings (5/5)-----------------

New Clinton endorsements:

Tennessee Rep. John Tanner (4/23)
New Hampshire Democractic co-Chair Kathy Sullivan (4/26)
North Carolina Governor (4/28)
Missouri Rep. Ike Skelton.(4/29)
President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, Bill George (4/30)
Puerto Rico, Luisette Cabanas (4/30)
*LOST* - (fmr DNC Chair Joe Andrew (5/1))
President of the Connecticut AFL-CIO, John Olsen (5/1)
NY Attorney General Cuomo (5/1)
NY Comptroller DiNapoli (5/1)
NY former Manhattan Borough President C. (5/1)
NY Virginia Fields and Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo (5/1)
Texas DNC member, Jaime A. Gonzalez Jr. (5/2)
Maryland Former Lt. Gov, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (5/3)

New Obama endorsements:

Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry (4/23)
Assc. Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party, Audra Ostergard (4/23)
Oregon Rep. David Wu (4/24)
Chairwoman of the Yuma Democratic Party, Charlene Fernandez (4/26)
NM Senator Jeff Bingaman (4/28)
Paul Kirk Jr. of Massachusetts (4/28)
Ben Chandler from Kentucky (4/29)
Richard Machacek from Iowa (4/29)
Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley (4/30)
Indiana Rep. Baron Hill (4/30)
Calif. Rep. Lois Caps (4/30)
fmr DNC Chair Joe Andrew (5/1)
Chicago, IL Mayor Daley (5/1)
IL House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie (5/1)
Cook County, IL Board President Todd Stroger (5/1)
TX AFL-CIO official, John Patrick (5/1)
South Carolina Former Education Superintendent, Inez Tenenbaum (5/3)
New Mexico Democratic Party Chairman, Brian Colon (5/3)
Maryland Former Gov., Parris Glendening (5/3)
Guam Party vice chair Jaime Paulino (5/4)
OK DNC Kalyn Free (5/5)
MD DNC Chairman Michael Cryor (5/5)
MD DNC Vice chairman Lauren Dugas Glover (5/5)

Obama 23
Hillary 13

Pledged Delegates: Clinton - 1337; Obama - 1491

Super Delegates: Clinton - 269: Obama - 254

Total Delegates: Clinton - 1606; Obama - 1745

Delegates Needed for Victory: Clinton - 419; Obama - 280

Remaining Pledged Delegates: 404

Remaining Super Delegates: 272

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