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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Monday, May 4, 2009

$100 Million Raised for Bush Memorial Library

Former President George W. Bush has set a fundraising goal of some $300 million for his "presidential library" (an oxymoron), and policy center in Dallas, Texas at Southern Methodist University (SMU).

Bush reportedly has raised $100 million in 100 days. Of course, with all the money he stole from the People in the form of huge tax cuts to his wealthiest friends (the same CEO's who walked away with HUGE bonuses), I guess he earned himself a commission.

Donors to presidential libraries can give unrestricted amounts of money and you can bet these unnamed heroes will dig deep into their dirty pockets and shake out a bit of the People's money. Bush has a national finance committee and 100 co-chairs in each state.

Leadership During 9/11

Bush is pictured above reading the only book he ever has actually read -- from cover to cover.

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