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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Burning Loss of Freedom in America

Medical Fascism in America

A US couple who refused chemotherapy for their 13-year-old son on religious grounds have been ordered to have the boy re-evaluated to see if he would still benefit from the cancer treatment.

A judge in Minnesota found that Daniel Hauser had been "medically neglected" by his parents, Colleen and Anthony Hauser, who belong to a religious group that believes in using only natural healing methods practised by some American Indians. Judge John Rodenberg allowed Daniel to stay with his parents, noting that they love him and had acted in good faith. But he gave them until Tuesday to get an updated chest X-ray and select an oncologist.

If the tumour has not grown and if Daniel's prognosis remains as optimistic as doctors testified in a hearing last week, then chemotherapy and possible radiation appear to be in Daniel's best interest, the judge said. "
The State has successfully shown by clear and convincing evidence that continued chemotherapy is medically necessary," he said in a written judgment, adding he would not order chemotherapy if doctors find the cancer has advanced to a point where it is "too late".

If chemotherapy is ordered and the family refuses, the judge said, Daniel will be placed in temporary custody. It was unclear how the medicine would be administered if the boy fights it, which he said he would do, according to his court testimony unsealed on Friday.

He believes the chemo will kill him, and said: "
I'd fight it. I'd punch them and I'd kick them."

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Anyone who saw Farrah Fawcett's story on television KNOWS that it was the fact that chemotherapy and radiation burned and destroyed ALL CELLS, not just the unhealthy ones, that has led to physicians at UCLA Medical Center insisting that further surgery was not possible for her.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy

It is well known that cancer cells grow and divide more rapidly than normal cells and most anticancer drugs are designed specifically to destroy growing cells. Normal healthy cells also grow and multiply and some more quickly than others. The chemotherapy agent targeted for cancer cells, therefore, can also affect these cells.
This results in damage to healthy tissue which is one of the main side effects of chemotherapy. The extent of these effects on normal tissue varies depending upon the type of drugs that are used and how the body reacts. Over time, normal cells will recover and continue functioning; cancer cells die off. Medical oncologists (the doctors who specialize in giving chemotherapy) explain the side effects that are most likely to occur with the agents which are to be used and prescribe medications to help with these side effects.

The side effects may include: Nausea and vomiting; Fatigue; Anemia; Hair loss, loss of fertility, and damage to blood platelets and white blood cells. The medications prescribed for these side effects themselves come with additional sometimes serious side effects. THERE IS NO PROOF THAT CHEMOTHERAPY AND RADIATION ARE CURES FOR CANCER. THEY ARE NOT.

These two barbaric therapies that involve the destruction of ALL cells, healthy or sick, is simply the best our medical system can do.


After surgery or treatment with radiation or chemotherapy, a doctor will then do tests to see if the cancer is still there. If there are no signs of cancer, then the patient is in REMISSION. Remission is the goal when anyone with cancer goes to the hospital for treatment. Sometimes, this means additional chemotherapy might be needed for a while to keep cancer cells from coming back. They proclaim the patient, "Cancer free". That is, until the cancer has spread to
other areas of the body.

Cancer patients cured by chemotherapy? Zero

There is not a single cancer patient that has ever been cured by chemotherapy. Zero. Nado. None. Not one single documented case in the history of western medicine. Why? Because conventional medicine operates from the false belief that there is no cure for cancer. Anyone suggesting there may be a cure is immediately dismissed as a nutcase or a quack. In the meantime, the real quackery is the toxic chemotherapy chemicals that are injected into the bodies of patients and called "treatment". It's no different than napalming the jungles in Vietnam. Everything gets killed including healthy cells.


It is time to stop forcing people to submit to barbaric therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy. The stated purpose of the American Cancer Society and other similar organizations, in what would is known as the 'War on Cancer' - (a phrase coined by Richard Nixon) - is to find a cure for cancer! Year after year, these organizations collect hundreds of millions of dollars promising that effective treatment for cancer is right around the corner. "
We can complete the Mission. We can stamp out cancer in your lifetime. But we need your help!"

To ask the American Cancer Society or the National Cancer Institute to find a cancer cure is to say, '
Be successful. Once you have achieved your goal, promptly commit suicide.' For once a real cancer cure or cures are announced, the need for these organizations, which collect hundreds of billions of dollars in the aggregate annually for treatment and research - from governments, agencies, foundations, corporations, insurance companies, and private individuals - all of them, without exception, will have lost their reason for existence. That is why a cancer cure will never come from them: the very nature of their mandate is a violation of Natural Law. It is a grand act of political expediency and managerial stupidity that has made what should have been an easy-to-solve medical puzzle and turned it into the single greatest act of man-made carnage in history -- a fraud of unspeakable magnitude that has spanned more than a century, and has needlessly caused the premature deaths of tens of millions of people.

No court in America has the right to force a family into such a barbaric and potentially fatal "treatment" as has been ordered by the court in this young boy's case. We have written in this column many times about the fact that more and more medical evidence is surfacing that Cannabinoids kill cancer cells. Hemp Oil with THC has been proven to do so in Canada as described by Rick Simpson. Is anyone listening?

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  1. I read about this just last night, and was greatly disheartened by it. To order chemotherapy for someone who wanted it and couldn't afford it would be appropriate for a benevolent and compassionate government, but to order it in spite of obvious and passionate refusal by BOTH parents and the child is not. However masked the decision might be in terms of "medical evidence" to support the government's position, this is imposing a collective will upon others that has nothing whatsoever to do with the common good, safety or security of the country...which by Constitutional law is the purpose of government. This is totally inappropriate and to me illegal, unfair and unreasonable. I hope you are successful in bringing the maximum amount of attention to it that you can.

  2. Wow, I had never thought of it like that, ever. So, are you saying that maybe there IS a cure for cancer, it's just not being released? This is interesting. I'm not sure I agree 100%, but I think you're on to something!

  3. This is outrageous. The people of America are supposed to be free and to force someone to submit to the horrible effects of radiation and chemotherapy is the same as forcing them to submit to torture. If there was proof that chemo and radiation worked it would still not be OK. This IS America.

    Second. The government needs to sponsor and pay for massive testing of marijuana and hemp oil with THC to determine to what extent cannabinoids kill cancer cells. It is in the best interest of everyone except the medical and pharmaceutical industries.


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