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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The California Wildfire Scam

Deliberate Ineptitude

It was only four years ago almost to the day that we experienced the Cedar fire, which at that time was one of the biggest fires in California history. After investigation it was proven to be Arson.

Every year at this time the weather in Southern California becomes very dry and dangerous for fire. You would think our government agencies would have learned something from it. You would think that in four years... they would have figured out how to be prepared for this, but as you can see, the response has been totally inadequate. The numbers are staggering whether you are talking about money, homes, animals or the environment. It's all devastating.

There is no reason for these fires to be so out of control. Governor Arnold ("my Dad was a Nazi") Schwarzenegger knows it and so does George Bush (grandson of a Nazi bagman and banker.) The technology exists RIGHT NOW to knock these fires out with minimal loss of life and property. Instead, the government crooks play at being "leaders," praising the (very real) heroism of the fire fighters (how 9-11-like).

Did this tragedy have to happen? The answer is -- No. The technology to put out these monstrous fires already exists, but "our government" refused to use it in 2003, because it was made in Russia. Years ago, the Russians adapted a massive transport plane that is designed to combat just such fires. The Russians designed the Ilyusian IL76 Water-Bomber plane with the capacity to carry 16,000 gallons of water, able to put out a fire the size of 10 football fields lined up end to end, in fifteen seconds. Reloading is fast and easy and cheap.

Instead, on TV we see little wisps of EXPENSIVE and ineffective chemicals being dropped and the fires getting larger and larger. What's going on? Why did we refuse it then? Did politics and historical animosity get in the way of saving our land, our animals, and our homes? Why was it not called in for this fire?

These are questions that the citizens should be asking Governor Schwarzenegger and their other Government representatives. Wake up Californians, and start asking the tough questions.

While you are asking, here is an article you can read about the offer from Russia to have two planes available on notice to anyone who asks:

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