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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sacramento News Chopper Videos UFO

SACRAMENTO, CA - News10 often receives calls from those who spotted something unusual in the night skies. It's not nearly as common for those calls to be backed up by our own Air10.

While shooting Friday Night Football highlights over Sacramento, Air10 pilot Ed Georges and FNF correspondent Angel Cardenas spotted a strange set of lights flying over their helicopter.

"I know what aircraft lighting looks like and this was definitely something different," Georges said. "It looked almost like a scrolling message on a blimp to the naked eye. I was at 1,200 feet and it was considerably higher."

Georges said he and Cardenas maneuvered the helicopter to get a better look at the lights through Air10's Power Zoom camera.

"(Angel and I) were both amazed at the odd lights and movement. I started flying toward it, but it began to fade away and disappeared to the southeast," Georges said. "Not knowing the size of the object, I couldn't determine how far away we were, but I believe it was some distance away as the image was fuzzy even through the PowerZoom camera."

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