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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saving the Auto Industry - A Practical Solution

Let's Kill Two Birds with One Stone

GM killed off its original EV1 electric car during the 1990’s, a decision that its CEO Rick Wagoner admits was a bad move. These highly successful cars were put on the road by General Motors on a lease-only basis. People loved this car. In fact, Tom Hanks leased one and wanted to extend the lease at the end of its term. GM refused, recalled all of the cars, took them to the Mojave Desert, and shredded them. They then sold the trademarks and patents to the oil industry. This is a short 2-minute video that touches on the important points:

Here is the whole story:

Cars can Run on Air NOW

Odds are you've never heard of this car. Why not? Why is a French company developing it with zero help from the high rolling US-UK dominated global financial system which until recently had money for every loony scheme imaginable?

Answer: The banking system and the oil industry are closely intertwined and they want to protect their investment in the gasoline infrastructure at all costs.

Fortunately, France doesn't have the same commitment to gasoline as fuel that the US and UK does. France does have oil companies, but it doesn't have the equivalent of Exxon or Royal Dutch Shell. India doesn't either. But the French and the Indians do have superb engineers. Assuming that the collapse of the global financial system doesn't derail the launch of this car, India and France will have vehicles that are completely independent of the oil companies.

No toxic fuel, no toxic emissions, super low cost, utter reliability, and here's the really cool part: the "fuel" could be available anywhere there is room for an air compressor including your own home.

What's not to like about this? Why is the news of this technology all but banned in the US? The banking system and the oil industry (and news media industry) are closely intertwined. It's really that simple.

We Also Have Solar Powered Electric Cars

A new day is coming. Human ingenuity is boundless and the good guys really do outnumber the bad guys. We just have to get better organized. There's a good reason the powers that be work so hard to try to dumb and beat us down. We're damn hard to tame, and they know it. If you want the plans for this car, they're here: PLANS FOR SOLAR ELECTRIC CARS

Facts: Scientific and historical about Gasoline and Alcohol

1. The original automobiles ran on alcohol because when they were invented gasoline was not available.

2. Rockefeller spent $4 million (that we know of) to promote Prohibition, a ban on alcohol manufacturing in the US that started in 1919 just as the car industry was taking off.

3. When Prohibition was lifted in 1933, gasoline stations were ubiquitous and most engines ran on gasoline only.

4. Alcohol can be manufactured locally and on a community level from renewable plant material for $1 per gallon.

5. The growing of plant material for alcohol would have no effect on the price of food.

6. The growing of plants for fuel would more than neutralize the carbon created by burning alcohol for fuel.

7. In Brazil, over 50% of new cars sold can already run on 100% alcohol.

8. Producing alcohol from plant material is incredibly energy efficient.

9. The oil companies aggressively promote garbage science to deceive the public into believing that alcohol fuels: a) will cause starvation, b) are uneconomical, and c) are net polluters.

10. Gasoline is a high toxic material.

11. It is entirely unneeded to fuel our cars.

12. Oil companies like Chevron have pressured PBS, commercial TV networks and other news media to keep this basic information from the public for decades - and the censorship continues to this day.

A Practical Solution

Bailing out our auto industry so that they can continue to produce high powered cars that get horrible fuel efficiency in opposition to what is needed in society is nonsense. A creative approach is needed. Since GM has already proven that they have the ability to produce efficient and effective electric cars, and since the oil industry chose not to develop the technology they bought from GM, but rather to bury it, I have a simple solution.

The oil industry has had its greatest years in history financially. Let's require THEM to bail out the auto industry and either put to use the technology they already purchased years ago, or to invest heavily in the alternative presented on this page. There is no reason that the American people should have to reach into their pockets when the technology and ability to produce is already there.

Here is an electric car being produced in the United States right now, the Tesla.

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