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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Obama's Weekly Address: His New Deal

We are SO LUCKY to have a President like this man. He is brilliant!

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  1. A "brilliant" man would have original ideas and make decisions by himself with the information at hand. Not appoint teams of people filled with "political payback" people who will make most of the decisions and ideas for him!

    BHO is far from brilliant because he has not made 1 choice that is his own nor is espousing ideas that haven't already failed.

    Wow! 2.5 million jobs. BTW those will be temp jobs that will only last a hand full of years at most with only a few hundred being long term ones. I've not heard how he plans to make up for the lose of the other 10 million industrial jobs that have permanently fled overseas the last 16 years, nor the projected loss of another 2-8 million by the end of this recession.

    BTW BHO has already AXED his Green promises because he understands that it would flat out cost nearly 30-40% of the US's GDP to do. Other country's, like the EU, already understand this because it's cost them several billions in GDP ever since they signed the Kyoto Treaty.

    So far the ONLY thing that he's been correct on is that this recession is mainly due to the wealth flowing in one direction, and then that's not even really his own.

  2. Obama is, according to David Axelrod, the "smartest man I have ever known or could ever hope to know". It doesn't take a genius to see that Obama appointed people who are to his political right to appeal to that portion of the electorate.

    The jobs that have fled the country are thanks to George Bush who intentionally bankrupted this country to achieve equal status with third world countries in his global economy.

    Obama's "New Deal" will focus on energy, education, and rebuilding a failing infrastructure. This will provide jobs and stimulate the economy at a time it needs it most. You need to lighten up, Frank. You sound angry.

  3. Yeah Frank, you sound angry like my husband of who I told again - I want a DIVORCE!


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