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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Monday, December 8, 2008

More Government Stupidity - Banned Technology

Stronger than Cement -- and Lighter Too!

How would you like a building material that is stronger than cement and SIX TIMES lighter? Better yet, one of its main ingredients in the waste product of a plant that literally grows like a weed. Well, Big Brother says you can't have it because the plant - HEMP - is "dangerous to society."

Here's the reality about cement:

1. The manufacture of traditional cement is incredibly energy intensive, so much so that many cement companies seek and receive legal variances to not only burn coal, but also medical waste and used automobile tires as fuel for their kilns.

2. After oil refineries and chemical plants, cement factories are the most polluting factories in the world, spewing tons of microparticles containing toxins like arsenic and mercury into the air. Here are the facts:

It is time that common sense emerged in America to replace the corporate greed that keeps a product like hemp illegal while robbing America of sensible and practical options to improve society. Write your congressman. Let's legalize hemp. It was mandatory for the original settlers to grow it, and the government paid our farmers to grow it during World War II in the interest of national security. Time for common sense.

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  1. Classic tale of Big Money killing an invention because it's a threat. ND has already legalized Hemp growth, but due to a late "oking" by the DEA it will miss this season.

    However it's growth MUST be balanced against pushing out food crops, because no one wants artificial food shortages like the oil shortages driving prices beyond reason.


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