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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Republican Extremism Un-Patriotic

The Greedy Old Party

The Republican Party did not bat an eyelash when it gave Wall Street $700 billion based upon a simple 3-page request, but it screams with outrage that Congress would consider a $15 billion bailout of the three American automobile manufacturers. They blame the workers, never mind the management that owns a fleet of corporate jets and takes hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses.

The southern state Republicans who have lured foreign manufacturers such as Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, etc., to develop manufacturing plants in their states are the same ones that stopped the bailout of General Motors, Chrysler and Ford cold. This is insanity if we allow our largest industrial manufacturing base to vanish into oblivion.

These same Republicans who make sure we spend $10 billion per month in Iraq and who have raped our coffers, quote Herbert Hoover of all people, the most inadequate President in modern history prior to George W. Bush as they justify their behavior which is not only un-patriotic, but perhaps treasonous. They are taking every step possible to assure the next President will have a nearly impossible task in saving the American economy. These are the same extremists who rally against any form of universal healthcare while at the same time promoting foreign car manufacturers whose countries provide healthcare for all, and whose cars are not burdened by the extra cost of healthcare that is saddled upon every American car built.

The American middle class will NEVER FORGET. This is the beginning of the end of the party of Big Business. They have stolen billions from the treasury and refuse to this day to even disclose who got money and why, even in the face of Freedom of Information Act requests.

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  1. "Truth is the first victim in any war."

    Truth - The final bill was expanded to 805+ billion dollars, and not 700 billion.

    Truth - 105 billion of the 805 billion is PORK to get the various officials to vote for it. A copy of the document is for download on the Senates website.

    Truth - A simple bit of research can tell you which party & official changed their votes from Nay to Yay. (Who changed their votes the fastest and most?)

    Truth - Barny Frank (Democratic head of the Senates Finance Committee) required extensive controls be put into place before it even was allowed to be put before the voting floor.

    Truth - Barny Frank has one of the final says as to whether any institution receives any money from the Bail-Out program, as all requests are required to be vetted by the Senate Finance Committee before it goes to the voting floor(per the Bail-Out bills wording).

    Truth - Every American Autoworker is partially responsible for the shape that the American car company's are in. At GM is costs nearly 75 dollars per hour(wages & benefits) compared to 45 dollars per hour at Toyota.

    The car company & the UNIONS they bend over for, from the top to the bottom are directly responsible for the poor shape they are in. And the reason why the auto bail-out didn't get through is because the union's refused a 45% cut to their wage/benefit packages. A rather hefty cut sure, but if Bush doesn't get the money from the Bail-out for them soon they'll get less than that when laid off by a Chapter 11 move.

  2. You're right. Truth IS the first victim in any war and the Iraq War, which continues to bleed our economy dry to the tune of $10 billion per month was based upon a BUSH LIE.

    Frank did require extensive regulation, something McCain and the Repugs were always opposed to and how they were able to raid the Treasury. Paulson is currently ignoring the regulation and refusing to divulge who got the funds.

    Truth is far from Frank as he continues to use the phony $75 per hour figure that was drummed up by a Repug strategist and spread to the media. The figure is less than $50 Frank. Truth obviously means very little to you. As to a 45% cut, no American worker should be forced to do that when management flies in a fleet of corporate jets and takes hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses that bankrupt their companies. Frank needs a lobotomy.

  3. Anti-Bush Rhetoric aside...

    Fanny May(spl) ring a bell? The "repubs" asked for reform and got nothing.

    Paulson has his hands tied by the Federal Reserves rules (federal laws) against allowing ANY internal communications, communications between owner members, and communications between foreign entities allowed to be released. So unless the Congress, Senate, and President sign in new laws to remove those laws Paulson can legally tell Frank "No.".

    75 isn't "drummed up". Here's the contracts. Read'm.

    GM's Contract '03 & '07

    Ford's Contract '03 & '07

    Chrysler's Contract 2003 only

  4. Omg Drifer: The lunatics on suggested you get a copy of globe magazine to find out the real truth.

    Supermarket tabloid is their idea of true fair journalism.

    These people are as bad as islamic extremists in their insanity.


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