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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nature's Gift to Mankind Has Been Rejected

The Time for Acceptance is NOW

Christmas trees didn't come to the English speaking world until the 19th century. The tradition started in Germany and eastern Europe in the 16th century. There's another "green tree" we might think about today. One that could feed and clothe billions of the world's poor and increase the standard of living for everyone. One problem: It's been made ILLEGAL. Why is the massively valuable and versatile plant called HEMP illegal in the United States? Here are just four reasons.

Making hemp illegal:

1. Provides make-work for a vast army of "law enforcers" who then are available to be used for other social control work.

2. Protects the market share of numerous well organized lobbies: alcohol makers, plastics and chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and cotton growers (still a powerful economic force in America 200 + years after the Civil War.)

3. Gives fascist minded politicians yet another way to control the population.

4. Increases the prison population making millions for private contractors who deal in prison-related products and services.

What are the differences between hemp and marijuana?

There are many. The most important is that Hemp contains no psychoactive compound, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that Marijuana does. This is why hemp is semi-legal and marijuana is not. The plants are considered ‘distant’ cousins but are distinct separate and different plants.

The Illegal Green Tree

Hemp for Victory -- a U.S. Government Production

Willie Nelson on the Family Farm

Hemp Powered Car Debuts in Washington

Woman in France Builds 300 Homes per Year Using Hemp Instead of Cement

Hemp Paper in Tasmania

Henry Ford's Plastic Car Made of Hemp in 1942

The History of Hemp

A Timeline of Hemp in the United States

1619 Virginia colony makes hemp cultivation mandatory, followed by most other colonies. Europe pays hemp bounties.

1631 Hemp used as money throughout American colonies.

1776 American 'Declaration of Independence' drafted on hemp paper.

1791 President Washington sets duties on hemp to encourage domestic industry; Jefferson calls hemp "a necessity", and urges farmers to grow hemp instead of tobacco.

1801 Certain premiums offered to encourage the cultivation of hemp in Upper and Lower Canada.

1800's Australia survives two prolonged famines by eating virtually nothing but hemp seed for protein and hemp leaves for roughage.

1850's Petrochemical age begins. Toxic sulfite and chlorine processes make paper from trees, steamships replace sails, tropical fibres introduced.

1930's New machines invented to break hemp, process the fibre, and convert pulp or hurds into paper, plastics, etc. - Racist fears of Mexicans, Asians, and African Americans leads to outcry for cannabis to be outlawed.

1935 Compressed agricultural fibreboard invented in Sweden.

1937 Marijuana Tax Act forbids hemp farming in the US. Dupont files patent for nylon.

1938 Canada prohibits production of hemp under Opium And Narcotics Control Act.

1941 Henry Ford makes car fabricated and fueled by hemp.

1943 Hemp For Victory program urges farmers to grow hemp.

1955 Hemp farming again banned.

1961 The Canadian Narcotics Control Act(CNCA) allowed Cannabis to be grown, at the discretion ofthe Health Minister, for research purposes only.

1992 Australia licences hemp farming.

1993 England eases restriction on hemp farming. News media declare hemp clothes and cannabis leaf logo hottest new fashion.

1994 Under the CNCA, one license was granted to a Canadian company, Hempline Inc., to grow hemp experimentally in Canada under the strict supervision of the authorities.

1996 The Canadian federal government passed Bill C8 stating that mature hemp stalks are exemptfrom the list of controlled substances.

1998 The Canadian government legalizes the commercial growth of industrial hemp. see News - February 27, 1998

2009 ........ President Obama???

An economic recovery would receive a huge boost from the legalization of hemp which would open up an entire industry, and the decriminalization of marijuana.  Where does Barack Obama stand on these issues?  This is a video from 2004 in which Barack Obama expresses his support for marijuana decriminalization.

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