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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama Blunts Raids on Cannabis Clubs

A Real Danger to the Community

In what an ever-increasing number of Americans hope is just the first step on the way to legalization of marijuana, especially in light of the recent results of Hemp Oil with THC
curing cancer, Barack Obama has officially called off the dogs.  There will be no more raids on cannabis clubs that dispense medicinal marijuana.  

In a little-noticed remark Wednesday, Obama Attorney General Eric Holder said that the Justice Department will no longer raid medical marijuana dispensaries established under state laws but technically prohibited by the federal government.  The decision marks a shift from the Bush Administration, which was more draconian in its approach to hunting those who sought to dispense marijuana for medical purposes. 

Numerous states have decriminalized marijuana in recent years, and new fiscal pressures are turning more states toward being more lenient toward first-time drug offenders as the cost of keeping drug users in jail becomes untenable for state budgets.  The remark was caught by The Huffington Post's 
Ryan Grimm.

The Drug Enforcement Administration continued to carry out such raids after Obama's inauguration, Grimm says, despite an Obama campaign promise to cease the practice. But asked at a press conference Wednesday, Holder said it wouldn't be the Administration's policy going forward.

"No" it won't be Obama policy, Holder said. "What the president said during the campaign, you'll be surprised to know, will be consistent with what we'll be doing in law enforcement. He was my boss during the campaign. He is formally and technically and by law my boss now. What he said during the campaign is now American policy."

During the campaign, Obama told an Oregon newspaper that he agreed with the idea of medical marijuana. "
I think the basic concept of using medical marijuana for the same purposes and with the same controls as other drugs prescribed by doctors, I think that's entirely appropriate," said Obama.

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  1. Obama, or anyone else for that matter, isn't required to show his "vault copy" to anyone. A birth certificate is based on the information that is in the State's vital records. You cannot have certain information on your birth certificate that is different from what is in your vital records.

    Hence the word certificate - the State certifies that what's in the birth certificate matches what's in its vital records.

    The governor of Hawaii grew so tired of meeting demands for 'certified birth certificates', she announced following the election no more would be distributed.

    Meanwhile, Obama's birth announcement was discovered in a Hawaii newspaper at the time.

    The real issue is that the far right hates the idea of an intelligent black man as President.

  2. I'm sure that if Obama wasn't a natural born citizen lawyers would be all over him right now. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT HE IS NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. There may be speculation but there is NOT PROOF of that.

    The idea that Obama isn't American is as ridiculous as the one that Bush was an alien. COME ON PEOPLE. STOP LYING. Be realistic here.

  3. Welcome to the Bay area cannabis Community. We are not about getting stoned but look to the medical side of the plant to help heal illnesses like cancer.


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