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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wal-Mart Makes Sheriff Joe's Job Easier

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Walmart is trying to dive deeper into the $90 billion-a-year Hispanic grocery market by opening a new supermarket in west Phoenix today.

The Supermercado de Walmart is 1 of 2 stores nationwide that will test the country's appetite for a possible string of Hispanic supermarkets. The other store opened in Houston on April 29 and the giant retailer says it's far exceeding expectations so far.

Phoenix and Houston were chosen for their large, multigenerational Hispanic populations with considerable spending power. Arizona has about 2 million Hispanic consumers.

Walmart has gained considerable knowledge and experience marketing to consumers in Mexico and Latin America and hopes to leverage it to boost sales to U.S. Hispanics, who have an estimated buying power of about $1 trillion a year.

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This apparently plays into the hands of Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has outraged many groups with his strict enforcement of immigration laws and his bulldog-like campaign to get illegal immigrants off the streets of Maricopa County.

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