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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Truth About Obama's Birthplace

Birthplace Exposed

President Barack Obama has undergone all kinds of accusations and scrutiny about his place of birth. Right-wingnuts, also known as "birthers" have crowded our courts with lawsuit after lawsuit in an effort to have Obama declared to NOT be a "natural born citizen". They claim he was born in Kenya, never mind that his mother was NEVER in that country and there is ZERO evidence to prove she ever was.

They claim that IF he was born in Hawaii, his father was a British subject, and that according to the Constitution, a President must have been born to two American parents. They desperately cling to a document that according to them has never changed. Really? The Constitution says black people are equal to 3/5 of a human being. This document has evolved over the centuries to accommodate the times. It is now considered that a person born in the United States, no matter the nationality of his parents, is a "natural born citizen" and this has been upheld in the courts over the years.

In an effort to diffuse this foolishness, Obama did what any reasonable person would do, he asked for a copy of his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii. That state does what it has done for decades, it provided him with what is called a short-form or "Certificate of Live Birth". The state does not provide the original long-form or vault certificate as a matter of policy, but simply provides a laser copy of the original.

This was a mistake. Phony experts such as some guy using the pseudonym, Dr. Ron Polarik, posted an impressive but mistake-filled analysis of how this birth certificate was falsified. The state of Hawaii responded that they do have Obama's original vault certificate and that this short form copy is a true and accurate representation. This did nothing to dissuade the Orly Taitzs and Philip Bergs of the world to continue their egocentric efforts to raise funds to file even more frivolous lawsuits, and have their 15 minutes of fame.

Well, the truth has been outed. After tireless investigation by the Candid Blogger we can now say with certainty that Obama's birthplace has been found. An admission by the President himself, given at a time of great levity, now rears its ugly head and will surely result in a rush to the courts to file more lawsuits. Here is the President in a moment of self-examination as he admits to his place of birth and also admits to the conspiracy that sent him to America to rule:

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  1. An observation of logic: If the framers of the Constitution had wished the Natural Born Citizen requirement to include the additional requirement that both parents be US citizens, they would have said so in the Constitution. English and colonial common law defined natural born as being born within the territory of England or the colonies irregardless of the citizenship of the parents.
    If the framers had wished to change this they would have specifically said so.


  3. It's always fun to be criticized by a wingnut who can't spell 'INDEPENDENT". No, my friend, my judgment has been influenced by the criminal behavior of Bush, Cheney and the Boys (with 1 girl). I believe in freedom for everyone, not just the corporate elite. The intentional destruction of our economy by Bush in order to achieve his "global economy" has left this economy in the worst shape ever. Obama has an enormous task ahead.

  4. How sad that no town/city in Hawaii has risen to claim itself as the birthplace of this President of the United States, as so many have done for former presidents across this great nation. And if he did not go to college on a foreign student scholarship why are those records banned? What is being hidden? The fact maybe he wasn't an "A" student. That holds no water as he is already the president. I can only ask that if he is going to lecture the students of America on doing well in school he begin using proper english and saying "to" instead of "ta" when he speaks. Let him begin by example. Use the same healthcare he wants to give us. If only liberals were as fair about judging their own as they are conservatives it would truly be a better world. But that would mean working to find out the facts instead of just going by their own opinions and talking points provided by the party. Let's get term limits into the branches of the whitehouse that would serve both parties to actually facilitate change in this country instead of letting a president create Czars to rule over us. These are people we never voted for but have WAY TOO MUCH POWER OVER OUR FUTURE. Please care more about your family and America than your liberal party. If not for yourself , for your children and grandchildren who will suffer from all this insane spending that had to be done right away so the bankers would get their raises and bonuses. And for what? Nothing that we have seen. Democrat and Republican representatives don't earn a penny of what we pay them and surely represent very few of us any more. Just follow the money.

  5. and he also needs to legalize pot so that people aren't killing each other over a weed. he needs to legalize for every state not one or two, because that would be retarded. if hes the great president then why hasn't he made our country better, instead of making our country broke and not giving our military commanders the men they need.

  6. ppl don't smoke pot and come home and beat his wife and kids but an alcoholic is a hole different story there the ones that cause all of the trouble in this world, there the ones that drive drunk and kill ppl every year, how many times have you heard of someone driving high and killing someone\ now im not saying that if pot was legalized then you should be able to drive and smoke, no you shouldn't but alcohol is legal and it kills ppl every year so why isn't it illegal, it just doesn't seem right. you tell me???


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