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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Friday, August 28, 2009

9/11 Emergency Vehicles Tell a Story

A great many of these vehicles do not appear seriously damaged. Why were they turned into scrap? They are emergency vehicles used at the World Trade Center attacks. Could it be that they were unsafe due to radiation poisoning as a result of the high levels of thermite found after 9/11? Radiation poisioning is only as a result of a nuclear explosion. Planes don't cause this.

Read the complete story that uncovers the truth about the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.


CLICK to read the entire Original story by Ed Ward, MD

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  1. Just came upon your site and I was wondering why you would want a government healthcare system that would be run by the same government that engineered 9/11? I agree with you on the presence of thermite so how can you trust a government who would do such a horrendous thing to NOT have death panels even if they say there is no such thing. I'm sure they say those who believe in the presence of thermite are just conspiracy theorists.

  2. The thermite was part of a neocon/false flag operation that was planned and carried out long before Obama was ever on the national scene. A public option is NECESSARY to bring down costs and make insurance companies accountable. I prefer single payer.

  3. I agree, again, on the neocon/false flag operation, but you do know that both Bush AND Obama are just puppets doing what they are told, right? I say again. The same group that planned the neocon/false flag operation will be the same group in charge of single payer healthcare. I agree that healthcare needs fixing, but putting the government in charge of something doesn't make it better. Russia's government was in charge of everything, back in the day, and their lives sucked more than they do now.

  4. The 'Traces Of Tritium' WTC 9-11 Lie
    Is Obstruction Of Justice By Accessories To Murder
    It's not 'rocket science', just basic math, law and lies.

    WHEN 20 = NORMAL: HOW DOES 1,092 = 'TRACES'

    WMDs in the WTCs

    Update: WMDs in the WTCs

    Ed Ward, MD


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