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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Had a Dream

In 1968, I had the privilege of shaking Bobby Kennedy's hand. 24 hours later he was dead and the dreams of millions of Americans were shattered. Now, some 40 years later, a new figure has emerged on the horizon who embodies the spirit and the integrity of Bobby's dream. And, he was being judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. His name: Barack Obama.

Nearly a decade ago, the President who likes to refer to himself as the "first Black American President" looked into the TV screen and told millions of Americans with a straight face that "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman". He was lying, of course. He knew it and America knew it but he went right on with his lie to protect his own interests. Never mind that millions of little girls were now asking their parents about oral sex. Never mind that his actions and later his lies embarrassed his wife, his country and himself. He is just a liar and we all knpw it.

This week, my leftover respect for Bill Clinton descended into disgust and even hatred. This man will say whatever he must to get his way. This week he lied about Barack Obama's consistent opposition to the Iraq War, a war that Hillary not only voted for but supported; a war that she has said she will continue by leaving a reserve force. Bill Clinton's whining and moaning about unfair treatment by the media, the New Hampshire Democratic party, and everyone else he could blame was typical of this sick little man's perverted sense of justice.

John Edwards clearly pointed out that when people espouse change, the status quo attacks. Well, folks, we have seen the evidence of that. Bill Clinton will resort to ANYTHING to ensure his return to the White House. Don't think for a minute it is for Hillary. This man's sick ego cannot accept anything less. Chris Matthews said it best today while talking with Joe Scarborough:

"Once in a while, someone comes along and shakes things up," Matthews acknowledged. "It's a phenomenal thing. And it's going on now. It'll go on through tonight. But at some time, it's going to be really challenged by the forces of the establishment, by the status quo, by the interest groups and the big-money contributors, and they're going to try to put this fire out."

"They will find some way to counter this power. You watch it. It's scorched earth, but the establishment in American politics almost always wins. ... All the people around the Clintons ... are getting together to try to figure out how to stop this. These are pros, who win year after year.

"They are under threat right now, because if Obama wins, they lose,"

Clinton's attack on Obama crossed the line of decency. He lied about his record, he dismissed him as a "kid". This perverted man, this sex addict who thumbs his nose at America and makes public appearances with impunity, has fired an arrow in the heart of Martin Luther King's dream, and snubbed his nose at every African American in the US whose hopes and dreams are tied up in Obama's quest for the presidency. To see a slimeball like Bill Clinton attack Obama and lie about this talented and very decent man in this way is absoutely disgusting. Read my lips: BILL CLINTON IS A LIAR.

I urge Democrats to wake up and say, "No more" to this egomaniac. Hillary is a good candidate, but her baggage is toxic. It is time to throw out the old and bring in the new. More than ever, it is vital that we elect Barack Obama and reject the special interest politics of the Bushes and Clintons. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN -- and RESPECT.

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