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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama Outfoxes Bill Clinton -- Landslide Victory

I read with amusement this past week or so how Bill Clinton had thrown Barack Obama off his game and gotten under his skin. The talk was that Mr. Clinton's obvious disdain for the truth and his insistence on repeatedly introducing race into the campaign had marginalized Mr. Obama and left him as the "black candidate".

Excuse me, folks, but it's my belief that Mr. Clinton was played like a fiddle. Let's re-examine the events. Bill Clinton got into the fray by claiming Mr. Obama's record on the war in Iraq was identical to Hillary's. That is totally untrue as can be seen from the video in Saturday's post entitled, Hillary's Truth -- She Promoted the Iraq War. Mr. Clinton temporarily sidetracked Obama, who felt he had to answer the intentional misstatements. He did.

Then, Barack Obama demonstrated that he is a brilliant tactician and completely outfoxed the former president. In a radio broadcast, Mr. Obama mentioned that Ronald Reagan's administration was the one that had the most transformative effect on our society, saying that was "unlike Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton". He fired his arrow right at where Mr. Clinton is most vulnerable -- his EGO.

Clinton went ballistic. He started spreading obvious lies about Obama's speeches and record, shook his finger belligerently at the media, and as he left South Carolina, made another strong attempt to inject race into the equation by comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson. The people of South Carolina and the rest of America were treated to "Bill Clinton Gone Wild", and the true nature and character of the former president were exposed. He is not fighting so hard for his wife -- he wants to be back in the White House for himself, Bill Clinton.

I think Mr. Obama's tactics in baiting Bill Clinton were brilliant and Bill's ego wouldn't allow him to not respond. The result: a LANDSLIDE victory in South Carolina where 68% of white voters said that Hillary Clinton had treated Obama unfairly.

Hail to the new King!

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