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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shame on You, Hillary Clinton!

In 1992, I voted for Bill Clinton, and did so again in 1996. At the beginning of 2006, my choice was the "inevitable candidate", Hillary Clinton. Then, a strange thing happened. I watched Barack Obama give his speech in Springfield, Illinois, announcing his candidacy for President. I had not seen that kind of charisma and magic since the day I shook Bobby Kennedy's hand in 1968, just one day before he won the California primary, and was then gunned down.

In my opinion, Barack Obama possesses all of the qualities we seek in a Commander-in-Chief. He is a calm and thoughtful speaker, inspirational and motivational. His experience as a community organizer has been demonstrated by what has been the best managed political campaign in US Presidential election history. He comes to us at a time when the United States has lost its luster internationally, and is in need of a dynamic and respected leader. It is easy for me to throw my support behind Barack Obama.

However, this is not about Obama, but about Hillary Clinton. Early in the campaign, she lashed out at Obama with the words, "Shame on You, Barack Obama". This was in response to a mailer he sent out in Ohio accusing Mrs. Clinton of flip-flopping on NAFTA. She as much as called Obama a "liar". Now, with the recent flap over her exaggeration about her experiences in Bosnia, I decided to review what has transpired to date in this campaign. What is revealed is pretty shocking. It has been said many times that Mrs. Clinton will "do or say anything to get elected". What follows is a series of videos that goes a long way to confirm that assessment.


This video is from John Edwards.

Hillary responds to Questions on Iraq, Social Security and Immigration.


Mrs. Clinton likes to say she is against the War in Iraq and that when she voted for the bill to authorize this war, she was only voting to accelerate the inspections and that she did not expect Mr. Bush to actually attack Iraq. The bill was entitled, "Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002". Here is what she said in 2002:

Mrs. Clinton likes to say that Barack Obama simply gave one speech against the War in 2002 and that their positions are almost identical. Here is what Obama actually said in 2002:

Obama's Position on Iraq in 2002

Since judgment is of vital importance in selecting a Commander in Chief, it is clear that in 2002 Obama demonstrated a clearer perception of the situation in Iraq and the dangers involved.


In Ohio, Mrs. Clinton lashed out at Mr. Obama for his assertion that she had supported NAFTA when residing in the White House and now was flip-flopping for political gain. We remember her "Shame on you, Barack Obama" very well. Now, the truth has come out via video and Mrs. Clinton did indeed support NAFTA while in the White House and her angry diatribe against Mr. Obama was successful in her gaining a narrow victory in Ohio. Here is the truth:

The Truth about Mrs. Clinton and NAFTA.


Finally, Mrs. Clinton outdid herself recently by describing her hair-raising experiences in Bosnia. Unfortunately, it was all a fantasy. Mrs. Clinton says she "mis-spoke". You don't "mis-speak" three separate times on three different occasions in such great detail about an experience that you clearly rememeber. The fact is: SHE LIED to exaggerate her experience, which she obviously feels is inadequate or why else would she feel compelled to lie? Here it is:



Here is a video of Hillary Clinton's personal opinion on the Michigan primary:

Seems like she has changed her mind. Desperation will do that to you.

Hillary Speaks out on Michigan

Iraq, Social Security, Immigration, NAFTA, Bosnia, Michigan . . . where do the "misspeaks" end?

These are all reason enough to question Mrs. Clinton's credibility at the very least. However, in my estimation, her greatest sin is throwing her daughter, Chelsea, under the bus. Chelsea is a delightful and intelligent young lady of 28, who is stumping for her mother. Mrs. Clinton could have surrogate experts on the campaign and save Chelsea from some of the embarrassment she is encountering each time a young college student brings up Monica.

I have mixed feelings about Chelsea having to do this. First, she is 28, so she is a grown woman and not Hillary's little kid on the campaign trail. Thus, she should have to address the media just as anyone else would. However, given the antics of her father while in office, both Bill and Hillary must have known that Chelsea would face such embarrassing moments on the campaign. The mere fact that she is being exposed to these questions, would be enough for me, if she was my child, to be sure she did not have to do so. There is no way as her parent, that I would be selfish enough or ambitious enough to put my daughter through this.

Shame on you, Hillary Clinton.

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