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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Monday, April 28, 2008

Assassination by "Main Stream" Media

The TRUTH About Reverend Jeremiah Wright

The media's manipulation of political news has been not what we would expect in a Free Society. For the first time in our history, a black man (1/2 white) is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. I never thought I would see this happen in my lifetime, and if your so-called "liberal" press has anything to do with it, I won't.

I am ashamed at the crucifixion of Obama by reporters whom we supposedly rely upon to give us FACTS, not media spin. Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, David Gregory, Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan, the entire crew at FOX NEWS, and so many more. They are nothing better than whores for Hillary Clinton and here is why. MSNBC, CNN, Fox, ABC, run nothing but negative and degrading stories about Reverend Wright and Barack Obama. This is brainwashing and it is NOT subliminal. It is outrageous. It is the job of the press to REPORT the news NOT create it.

I have heard them denigrate both he and Senator Obama for knowing him in the basest terms. Yes, these supposed learned news commentators are lying to America. They have berated the reverend for his speech right after 9/11, the "Chicken Coming Home to Roost" speech. Did they tell you that he was actually quoting a white man, US Ambassador Webb? I'll bet they didn't. Of course they know, our news anchors know everything.

Did they let you hear Rev. Wright's entire sermon in which he invoked the "God Damn America" phrase or just the 10-second sound bite? I heard it, and he was entirely right in criticizing this country in that context, the context that we committed genocide on Native Americans and African-Americans and have done horrible things to other countries. He was talking about God and doing right and wrong. When he said "God Damn America", in the context it was said, he was correct. He was not criticizing our people, he was criticizing our government, which has performed horrible atrocities in the name of "freedom".

This site just has a few short videos. If you can put aside your bias and hidden racism and watch these videos as a true Christian with an open heart and an open mind, you may well view the Reverend in a different light. I also recommend this link: A YOUNG MAN AND HIS MARINE HERO

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This is the full version of Pastor Wright's sermon that was distorted by FOX. I ask that you view this, empower yourselves and become enlightened to the truth that was completely distorted by FOX news and the mass media. FOX and the rest of the media purposely did not show us the part of Pastor Wright's sermon in which "FOX" was singled out. Pastor Wright refers to a guest on FOX news (Ambassador Ed Peck) who took fire from FOX for stating his beliefs that America had brought the 911 attacks upon itself due to our failed middle east policies... hence, "The Chicken's have come home to roost" quote... a quote taken from Ambassador Peck, NOT REVEREND WRIGHT'S QUOTE. This is a very important and critical clip that was distorted by FOX and their continued campaign of misinformation. Fox and the MSM needs to be called out on this. Please watch:

By the way, Ambassador Peck (the man whose quote is borrowed by Pastor Wright) was was the Deputy Director of the Reagan White House Task Force on Terrorism. He served as Chief of Mission in Baghdad (Iraq 1977 to 1980) and later held senior posts in Washington and abroad. Edward Peck also argued against invading Iraq prior to the March 2003 invasion.


The main source of the Reverend's criticism is his statement that the AIDS virus was developed by the U.S. Government to kill blacks. Did he make this up? Where did he get this idea. A little research turned up this information. I Googled "AIDS started by US Government" and got 496,000 pages in English, so he isn't the only one who has this opinion. Here is just one of hundreds I have found:

Did the US Government Develop the AIDS Virus?

The following is a complete verbatim transcription from a recent broadcast of "Network 23", a program shown on a local Los Angeles Public Access Cable Channel.


Good evening, I'm Michel Kassett. This is Network 23. A couple of weeks ago we had a program on the subject of AIDS, addressing the question of whether AIDS -- the AIDS virus -- was created by the government; and I'm sure that some people were quite shocked by what they heard. We spent that entire program relating to you the evidence of a very substantial amount of factual evidence which supports the proposition that AIDS is a synthetic biological agent that was deliberately engineered by the US government as an instrument of depopulation. This is by far the most controversial and dangerous subject that we have ever addressed on this program, so I would like to review briefly the major points -- the most significant pieces of evidence -- that I presented two weeks ago.

The first point was that in the early 1970's, Henry Kissinger wrote a top secret document -- a National Security Memorandum ("NSM 200") -- in which he indicated that "depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World." This Memorandum which can be obtained from the US National Archives, which was only declassified very quietly in 1990, was adopted by the National Security Council as official US foreign policy towards the Third World. Now, this is a classic example of the "secret government" in action, because of none of this was known to the Congress, and certainly, it was not known to the American people. Did any of you know that depopulation was considered a matter of US national security? Did any of you know that for the past 20 years, depopulation has been the highest long-range priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World? No you didn't, because it was classified -- it was a secret.

There is active debate on this issue internationally, including newspaper and magazine articles, several lawsuits, etc. I know it sounds outrageous to many, but not to black people who were familiar with the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment. Between 1932 and 1972, the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) conducted an experiment on 399 black men in the late stages of syphilis. These men, mostly illiterate sharecroppers from one of the poorest counties in Alabama, were never told what disease they were suffering from or of its seriousness. Informed that they were being treated for “bad blood,” their doctors had no intention of curing them of syphilis. The data for the experiment was to be collected from autopsies of the men, and they were thus deliberately left to degenerate under the ravages of tertiary syphilis—which can include tumors, heart disease, paralysis, blindness, insanity, and death. “As I see it,” one of the doctors involved explained, “we have no further interest in these patients until they die.”

"The United States government did something that was wrong—deeply, profoundly, morally wrong. It was an outrage to our commitment to integrity and equality for all our citizens... clearly racist."

—President Clinton's apology for the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment to the eight remaining survivors, May 16, 1997

Reverend Wright has every reason to believe that the U.S. Government may be to blame. The media-fed attacks on Barack Obama because his Pastor, a dedicated leader of 8,000, and a decorated Marine veteran, speaks his mind on a subject he has every right to discuss, are typical of a media that is trying to influence this primary race. He earned it. Forty years after the death of Martin Luther King, is this STILL the way black people are abused in America, both in politics and the press?

Finally, did the media tell you that Reverend Wright was a student at the University of Virginia in 1961, when he heard John F. Kennedy say: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"?, this patriotic young man gave up his student deferment, and VOLUNTEERED to join the Marines, (unlike George Bush, Dick Cheney, or Bill Clinton). He was decorated for his service performed in providing medical care as a cardiopulmonary technician at the bedside of President Lyndon Johnson during heart surgery.

When the Pastor completed his tour with the Marines, he returned to an America in which black people were treated much less than equal. Their hero, JFK, was SHOT DOWN. Martin Luther King, who marched for their rights and was their spiritual leader, was SHOT DOWN. Bobby Kennedy a strong supporter of equal rights for all, was SHOT DOWN. There were riots in the streets and blacks were being attacked with fire hoses in the South, and killed in Vietnam, both on tv with your dinner.

Like Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Muhammad Ali, and others, the Pastor was outraged at this injustice and became part of a generation of "angry black men", and justifiably so. But, did he turn his anger to violence? NO!

He established a church that assisted the homeless, AIDS victims, seniors, veterans and the poor of society. He was not only a hero in military life, he was a hero at home. This man met and befriended Barack Obama and spoke to him as a father would to a son, addressing many of his questions and concerns, and leading him to the church and Jesus. He baptized him, officiated at his marriage, baptized his children, and was a source of stability and wisdom to he and his wife and children. Now America (or is it the American media) is insisting that Obama renounce and disassociate himself from the man who filled a role as father figure during the most vulnerable period in his life. I applaud Senator Obama for his loyalty and courage.

Didn't we divide enough black families during slavery. Must we continue to tell them what they can say, with whom they can associate, and how they MUST BEHAVE?


Please view this video as an example of the kind of "fair and balanced" RACISM that Barack Obama has had to endure during this campaign. Frankly, this one is hard to watch. It is blatantly disgusting.

Finally, watch how this FOX NEWS reporter berates a Catholic priest and friend of Reverend Wright:

Stop it America. Stop it Media. Stop it Hillary and Bill Clinton. Stop it Old Dude.

Have you ALL no shame???

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  1. Well said. And I wholeheartedly endorse everything that you have succintly outlined here. Thank you. I couldn't have said it better myself.

    In the prophetic words of STEVE BIKO: the black anti-apartheid activist who was tortured and killed in South Africa prompting the Internal Minister of that odious regime to say: "His death leaves me cold" - Whites not only want to kick black asses whenever they choose to, they also think they have a divine right to dictate to Blacks as well how they should react when they're having their asses kicked.

    Thanks for hearing me out.
    Professor Dr. Stanley V. Collymore
    London, England.


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