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"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election; the people who COUNT the votes do." -- Joseph Stalin

Monday, October 13, 2008

Early Release of Folksy Palin Autobiography a Success ~ MINNEAPOLIS - ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA

By JOCELYN NOVECK , Associated Press
October 13, 2008

UNPOPULATED TOWNSHIP, ALASKA -- Even before election day, Sarah Palin is scoring big points with the release of her autobiography “A Bridge to Nowhere”. The publisher of her bio, Toys R Us said that they have high sales expectations for this book. Their one concern is that although the book contains over 400 pages –blank- the fact that it comes with only a Crayola starter set may hamper sales because of the $599.95 price. People with proof of net income of $100 Million or more will be eligible for a $299.95 rebate.

One sales advantage may be that all profits from the book will go to the John McCain Retirement Home for Elder Republican Politicians, Mavericks and Sidekicks. For excerpts from the book visit

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